21 thoughts on “WoT: The Waffenträger Legacy: Lootbox Tanks

    1. A lot of people thought the same 4-5 years ago.
      Oh boy how clueless they were.
      Even now, oh boy how clueless they’re still.
      In a market where it’s getting harder and harder to make your own place, oh yes WG will kill their own main product then disband the company.
      From complaining about how bad the game is to how greedy WG is, basically there will always be some special people roast you for everything and never appreciate anything you do =))))))

        1. PPL have been saying the WOT is dying since i started with it and that was 2011. You can watch the daily log ins and they lost roughly 10% of their playerbase since 2018. Thats a rly slow death and not anytime soon.

  1. Chief Proto is a very bad tank, let alone the gun-handling and speed. A Concept 1B will eat it alive, so who cares?

    1. Chief Proto with current stats is not a good tank but not a bad tank either. It’s playable in generally and very strong when hulldown with >5* of gun depression, its cupola will be much harder to hit and the rest of the turret is extremely strong.
      Gun will take some time to fully aim but you can hit your shots.
      Turbo will make the tank feel just fine in pretty much any situation.
      All in all not the level of Concept 1B but close to the AE Phase I.
      And yes having averaging >4k with Phase I, I would say the tank is a pretty strong HT.

      1. You should leave the comments to people who know rather than embarrassing yourself anymore with your shitty and trash talking

  2. And quality of Proto will be the same as Astro Rex 😀 Nobody plays that one anymore
    Paper can take anything…especially when WG uses it 😉

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