WoT Supertest: Frontline Map Changes – Kraftwerk

Change locations:

Change description:

Zone A
A1—Changes to the A base capture point:
Added buildings in sector J2 when approaching point A.
Removed the right entrance at control point A and added a large cover to protect against the lines of fire from the side of the right crossing from zone B to zone A (sector H4).

A2—Reworked the cover system in sector J1:
The balcony for the attacking team was expanded and divided into two firing points.
Added cover for the defending team at the border of sectors H1 and J1.

A3—Extended the mountain length in sector H1 to protect against shots fired at the attacking team without spotting when capturing point A.

А4—Created a passage on the way from zone A to zone D

Zone D

D1—Reworked the zone in sectors F1–G1:
Expanded the railway embankment, added a second railway track with train cars.
Raised the ground level after rolling down the railway embankment.
Added a series of cover and “pockets” for more comfortable gameplay for the attacking team.

D2–Converted balcony in sector E1 into a passage for more convenient and quicker movement of players to point D.

D3–Reworked the mountain system at the border of sectors E1 and E2:
Added a balcony-type position with cover for players on the attacking team (from there, you can cover players capturing point D).
Added a more gently sloped exit to the direction of point D with the ability to drive back up the mountain.

D4—Changed terrain and cover system in sector D2:
Created an intermediate fortified point in the form of a hollow with exits in two directions.
Moved Resupply Circle closer to point D.

D5—Added “pockets” and cover in sectors C1 and D1 for more comfortable gameplay for the attacking team.

Zone B
B1—Moved Resupply Circle in sector H5 to a safer location.

B2—Closed some lines of fire to the Resupply Circle (sector H5) from a shelf on the mountain.

Zone E
E1—Added a shelf for the attacking team in sector G5 with a line of fire to base E. At the same time, it can be used by retreating defenders.

E2—Reworked the entrance to the power plant zone to base E (sector F5):
Added intermediate cover for the attackers that can also be used as firing positions by the defending team.

E3—The zone next to base E became more open for lines of fire by the attacking team from the shelf on the mountain (sectors E5–F5).

E4—Moved base E to make its capture easier.

E5—Resupply Circle in sector D5 became safer.

Zone C
C1—Moved the crane to increase the comfort of shooting for the attacking team (sector J9).

Zone F
F1—Added additional safe passage to the base in sectors F8–G8.

F2–Revised terrain near the river border for more comfortable light tank gameplay.

Gun 1
G1.1—Improved the passage to Gun 1 in sectors A1–B1:
Moved the hill before the border zone to expand the passage.
Added a new hill beyond the map border to emphasize the passage.
Reworked terrain beyond the border zone and added a hill and cover as a preliminary fortified point.

Gun 2
G2.1—Changed passage through the border zone in sector C4:
Moved cover (rock) behind the bridge, improved terrain for better gameplay.
Added cover when moving through the border zone to Gun 2.
Improved terrain for a more convenient mountain climb.
Removed several anti-tank hedgehogs to create a passage.

G2.2–Completely reworked the structure around Gun 2 in sectors B4–C4:
Moved Gun 2 closer to the border between zones D and E.
Reworked the mountain in sector C4, added concrete buildings and passages to the gun.
Removed all buildings in sector B4.

Gun 3
G3.1—Safer passage to the town in sectors C5–D5.

G3.2–Added additional positions in the town in sector C6 for the attacking team with the opportunity of delivering return fire at the defenders.

G3.3—Moved Gun 3 closer.

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