WoT EU: Ukrainian and Russian Localization Support Now Available

We previously announced that players currently registered in the CIS realm will have the opportunity to transfer to the EU realm. As part of the transfer process, Ukrainian and Russian are now supported languages on the World of Tanks EU portal. Learn exactly what that means for you, and how you can get the best World of Tanks experience by updating your language preferences.

Localization Support

As supported languages, all portal and WGC news will now be localized into Ukrainian and Russian, meaning you can receive the latest news, specials, events, and insight in these languages. All sections of the EU portal have also been localized, and you can already read our most recent articles in Ukrainian and Russian.

Update Your Preferences

Portal – All Ukrainian and Russian content can be accessed through worldoftanks.eu/uk/ and worldoftanks.eu/ru/ respectively, but you can also switch your portal language preference via the region option at the bottom of the page. This will ensure you always see the website in your preferred language.

WGC – You can make the same change in the Wargaming.net Game Center. This will help you keep up to date with all the latest events and offers. Make sure to adjust the WGC interface, game language, and news language settings for complete language support.

Adjusting your portal, WGC, and in-game language preferences will allow you to totally localize your World of Tanks experience, helping you to navigate the game and consume our content and news more comfortably.

Community Support

Forum Support

We have also created forum sections for Ukrainian and Russian, where the majority of articles will have dedicated threads. The forum is a great place for discussing events and news with other World of Tanks players and sharing your valuable feedback with the World of Tanks team.

Player Support

Additionally, the Player Support portal is available in Ukrainian and Russian. Players can now submit support tickets and browse support articles and frequently asked questions in their own languages.

World of Tanks on Social Media

Beyond the portal and WGC, there’s even more exclusive World of Tanks content waiting for you. We have created new social media channels to support Ukrainian and Russian, with all YouTube videos on both our English and Russian channels receiving Ukrainian subtitle support.

Make sure to follow us to be among the first to see what’s going on with World of Tanks in Europe, including a huge giveaway for Premium Vehicles within the next week—stay tuned and keep an eye on social media!

Official English Channels








Official Ukrainian and Russian Channels





We have just added Ukrainian and Russian as supported languages on the World of Tanks EU portal. Update your portal and WGC language preferences to experience World of Tanks fully localized for your consumption.

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