WoT Supertest: Studzianki Map Changes

Change locations:
The factory area has been reworked, and new firing positions and covers have been added. Additionally, the village area has been extended.

The factory area has been extended. New covers and firing positions in the form of a balcony have been added at both sides (sectors D5–D6, respectively).

Intermediate covers in the form of hills have been added in sectors D3 and D8. These positions will be useful when retreating from the factory area.

Buildings have been added in the central ravine to adjust the balance for both teams (sectors H5–H6 and G5–G6).

The village area in the K-lane has been extended. The terrain has been reworked, and new positions have been added in the ravine along the map border.

The amount of vegetation has been decreased in sectors K1 and K0.

16 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Studzianki Map Changes

  1. These changes are awesome. This map used to be so dull but now it seems like it could be fun! Especially K line for hull down vehicles

  2. I don’t like this changes. I will notify WG to revert them and delete it. Studzianki must be a hull-down and TD map only, not a retarded mix of villages and factories.

      1. Retard subhuman! I am a well known Wargaming Inc. employee and i have the data and IP Address of every login! I will search your IP Logins for your account and disable it unless you apologize for your insolence! If you wish to apologize to me personally contact Sir_Win_Alot in the EU server. If you don’t apologize your insolence i will steal your account under WG’s EULA rule 173.5 Paragraph 4.7!

        1. I am soooo sorry. Please don’t punish me for initially agreeing with Apad. After reading your comment, I have changed my ways and repented. Please don’t take away my account. I play the game 8 hours a day and have paid 30 dollars a day so I can use premium consumables in my M44 and FV304.

  3. Changes looks good but studzianki is by far one of the best maps right now, its not a priority to change.
    Other maps like Empire border, Safe haven, Pearl river, etc are more broken and need real changes

  4. I’m noticing that Wargaming’s plans are to completely remove the use of (soft and limited) and light tank destroyers from this game. All the modifications that are being made to various maps were only affected to TD and Light places. The only modification this map needed is to add a bush zone in F3, G3, F8, G8. Or advance that area a little. Nothing more… But hey, it’s a shame about the last and next changes. They are ruining people who like to run soft and light TDs.
    I still think that one map should be the same for all tank classes. Otherwise, that it is not implemented and end.

  5. This map was fine . As Pankeiks says all these changes like all the new changes are to screw over paper tds and lights bc all wargaming listens to is the unicoms who want to play super agro and not get countered .

  6. The removal of the southeastern sniping spot is both good and bad – western spawn now has less to fear when pushing down there, but eastern spawn loses a key position (admittedly, with a sneaky TD holding that position leads to farming lots of easy damage).

    Rest looks good, I suppose the new buildings in the factory area are to prevent sniping from the north?

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