WoT 2022 Fall Plans: Waffenträger, a Brand-New Mode, and Spooky Surprises

Battle Pass 2022: Season IX

Battle Pass Season IX kicked off on September 8, and it’s chock-full of valuable rewards, including 3D styles, unique crew members, Bounty Equipment, and more! This Season features three new Core Vehicles:  XAMX 13 105,   XProgetto M40 mod. 65,  and  X60TP Lewandowskiego.  You can complete Chapters in any order or pause one Chapter to switch over to another. Roll out, earn Points and Tokens before they reset, and receive rewards. It’s going to be an exciting Season!

Global Map Season 19

An exciting new journey on the Global Map is about to begin! Season 19 will kick off on September 19, promising you thrilling battles and tactical challenges. It will follow the same rules as the previous Season but with an updated list of rewards. Clan warriors—it’s your time to shine!

The Waffenträger: Legacy

What is September without the Waffenträger? This fall, one of the most anticipated game modes is making a comeback, featuring adrenaline-fueled battles with familiar rules. The formidable Blitzträger auf E 110 and the Harriers are ready for a new round of epic confrontations. Which side will you choose?

Onslaught: A New Competitive Mode Is Coming!

A brand-new thrilling mode called Onslaught is coming to World of Tanks! Prepare your Tier X vehicles to fight for glory and honor. Exciting battles and a host of fresh gameplay mechanics await! Onslaught will feature the following:

  • Intense 7v7 clashes in Tier X vehicles only
  • A pre-battle lobby where you can select a different tank from your Garage and prepare your vehicle during the countdown ahead of battle
  • Special Tactical Skills you can activate after capturing certain key positions on the map
  • Unique vehicle Role Skills that can be upgraded over the course of the battle
  • 2-player squads and Super Platoons of 7 players—handpick your Platoon members and play to your strengths
  • A rating system that takes your progression position into account and finds opponents with similar ratings
  • And much more!

Get ready to face your fellow commanders and find out who’s the strongest!

Halloween 2022

The upcoming spooky season will be perfect for cozy fall evenings. If you’re on the hunt for a light-hearted, dynamic, and exciting Halloween, don’t miss our friendly party this October! It’s your chance to enjoy an intense PvP mode with a fascinating story that features a team of colorful witches and a bad-tempered cat.

5 thoughts on “WoT 2022 Fall Plans: Waffenträger, a Brand-New Mode, and Spooky Surprises

    1. So you like it. It’s nice to see some positivity in this comment section. Doesn’t happen to often 😉

  1. WoWs dev team: Gives detail plans for the next half year with a 30min video and a well made article.
    WoT dev team: yeah we gonna have Halloween event…

    Wot dev team is in such bad shape, WoWs gets 3x more content + are somewhat transparent regarding future plans.

  2. Yep we get an event that nobody knows about and nobody wants.
    Sometimes we get told about it the same day it’s live. With pages and pages of “rules”. With always some major bug that breaks it on day 1.
    I can think of at least two years recently there was no Halloween event because “it wasn’t ready” 🙄

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