WoT: Auction Conclusions by Lesta Studio

From August 18 to August 21, the game hosted the Auction event, where you could get rare tanks and styles for credits, gold or free experience.

“We announced the auction the day before it started, which is why many people simply did not know about it. And half of those who knew didn’t bid.”

“Unfortunately, the offers turned out to be boring and uninteresting: five out of six lots were not completely sold out.”

“We missed the price of the lots and their quantity – and you confirmed it. The prices of the lots were too high, so there was no fight for them and the lots were sold at the lowest prices.”

“You liked the mechanics of the auction itself, so we will continue to hold similar events. However, this launch was unsuccessful.”

The auction and survey results confirmed some of our hypotheses. You liked the auction, but for our part, we must carefully choose offers for lots, their quantity and prices.

We didn’t have a good timing for the auction and we didn’t inform you well enough: many didn’t know about the auction and didn’t participate in it. In the future, we will try to fix this.

Thank you for participating in the survey, your feedback will help to better prepare the next auction and other in-game events.


11 thoughts on “WoT: Auction Conclusions by Lesta Studio

  1. More like, they’re salty that there were no overbids and they missed the goal of bleeding players like they wanted to.

    1. Spot on statement if I ever seen one. Another way to put it “we got greedy and stupid but only a few of the player base had enough resources laying about to say WTF else would I buy….”

  2. People did not buy into their horrendous offers and they blame lack of awareness of the auction hahahah

  3. WG, you’re ignoring much more of your player bases feedback. You want something to help stimulate auctions…give us the ability to build some credits up by selling those horrendous and very very very irritating Exterior decorations. I dont want 217 jack o’ lantern decals or 48 Meathead Militia emblems.

  4. The players simply did not have resources to bid due to the timing of the event and the fact that we got milked so hard in the previous events. You can’t farm resources required in a 6 month period. It’s just so hard to do. There you go.

  5. Almost copy-paste vehicles, and you can do so many more… Wirbelwind, nebelwerfer auf Maultier, katyusa, sherman with rocket launcher, sdkfz 234/2 -3 or 4. Different nations… Swiss, hungarian etc… The playerbase pay more for a lower tier vehicle, and u can hype yourself and ask that they wanna more from this nation or not… Marathons with 2 vehicles, and u can choise just one….

  6. Russia is upset that Ukraine took their money
    Honestly, Wargmaing NA/EU should stop providing free updates to World of Tanks RU

  7. Who gives a fuck. This lesta is not wargaming is not ru and it’s not even world of tanks so fuck then commies

  8. They need to do a survey to understand that the offers were trash?
    I dont know only interesting tank was the tier 9 chinese TD and was a mediocre tank for tier 9, and no one knows if its pay credits a tier 8 premium or not

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