Earn WoT Gold with MillionPugs

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MillionPugs startup has just been launched, but it is going to change the gaming industry.

It is an innovative cashback platform designed for gamers to provide them with an effortless way to get fancy game rewards for shopping online at their favorite stores.

Once you use the services of MillionPugs, you can get top-notch game content for:

  • ordering a pizza for dinner at Grubhub or UberEats,

  • buying food for your dog at Petco,

  • getting new shoes at Ecco,

  • doing groceries at Walmart,

and many more. The concept sounds bright, but how is this possible?

Read on to find out:

  1. What is MillionPugs?

  2. What are the reward points in MillionPugs?

  3. How does the MillionPugs browser extension work?

  4. What game rewards can you get using MillionPugs?

  5. How to get game rewards?

What is MillionPugs?

MillionPugs is an innovative rewards platform for players whose mission is to equip them with an additional way to get game rewards. The method they have come up with is shopping online at almost 2000 popular partnered stores.

The concept is based on the following steps:

  1. You create a MillionPugs account.

  2. You install the MillionPugs plugin, optionally.

  3. You shop online at your favorite stores.

  4. You activate deals prepared for MillionPugs users.

  5. You collect reward points.

  6. You exchange the collected points for game rewards.

  7. You activate the rewards in the game.

The startup is still in the expansion phase, but it already collaborates with big titles such as World of Tanks, World of Warships, Valorant, League of Legends, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, or EVE Online..

The platform is free-of-charge, fully legit and available to gamers who are willing to get fancy game content practically for free and with minimal effort.

What are the reward points in MillionPugs?

MillionPugs has created two currencies as a part of their service, which are reward points, called pugs™, and credits. Both of them can be used to earn in-game rewards at MillionPugs.com, but there is one major difference between them.


Pugs™ are the primary currency and they were introduced first.

You are granted pugs™ every time you finalize transactions at affiliated brands. In most cases, the number of points granted depends on the value of the purchase.

Nevertheless, MillionPugs has also prepared additional boosts of pugs™ to facilitate using the cashback service for newcomers. Consequently, you can get pugs™ for:

  • creating an account,

  • installing the MillionPugs browser extension,

  • visiting one of the partnered stores for the first time,

  • making your first purchase at one of the affiliated stores.


Credits were added to the MillionPugs platform to help users earn the desired game rewards faster. Just like pugs™, you get credits every time you finalize transactions at affiliated brands.

Nevertheless, unlike pugs™, the number of credits you get is fixed and equals 100 for every transaction you make. As a result, the more purchases you make, the more credits you are granted.

It is also worth noting that when you activate deals as partnered brands, at first the number of pugs™ is in “pending status” waiting for confirmation, but the number of credits is granted instantly. Therefore, you may redeem credits for game content of your choice sooner than pugs™.

How does the MillionPugs browser extension work?

As already mentioned, the MillionPugs browser extension equips you with an extra boost of reward points. Nevertheless, it also possesses other qualities that can significantly facilitate the use of the MillionPugs service.

When you enter the MillionPugs website itself, you can find all the information about:

  • affiliated stores and prepared deals,

  • game content with prices in pugs™ or credits,

  • the number of your reward points and credits.

Nonetheless, it is the MillionPugs plugin that can assist you the best in collecting pugs™ and credits.

The plugin will automatically display notifications each time you land on any of the partnered brands with a possibility to activate deals with just one click. As a result, you won’t miss out on any chance to get reward points for shopping online.

Therefore, the MillionPugs browser extension will save up the time you would have to devote to looking into deals by yourself on the cashback platform.

It is also worth noting that the startup is still growing, enhancing their offer, adding new brands to partners and fresh game rewards regularly. Consequently, using the browser extension will allow you to stay updated and release you from the need to track the changes as it will do this for you.

What game rewards can you get using MillionPugs?

As for now, MillionPugs allows you to exchange pugs™ and credits for game rewards for titles, such as:

  • World of Warships,

  • World of Tanks,

  • Heroes and Generals,

  • Valorant,

  • League of Legends,

  • EVE Online,

  • Teamfight Tactics,

  • KARDS,

  • Gwent: The Witcher Card Game.

Soon, you will also be able to acquire game content in other games.

For each of the games, MillionPugs has prepared tailored offers influenced by the game’s specifics.

World of Warships gamers can use MillionPugs to get easy Doubloons, skins, or Admiral’s Asset subscription.

Heroes and Generals players may use the MillionPugs service to earn gold effortlessly, stellar weapons, or super Packs with multiple strategic items.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game gamers may consider MillionPugs an easy way to earn Meteorite Powder, or Ultimate Premium Kegs, which are difficult to get elsewhere.

World of Tanks gamers can use the platform to get hold of a Premium tank, or gold.

The above examples are just a concise package of the MillionPugs platform’s capabilities. You can check out the full offer at MillionPugs.com/games.

How to get game rewards?

The prices in pugs™ and credits for in-game items are listed at the MillionPugs site. You can also use the site to look into special deals MillionPugs has prepared.

When you collect a sufficient number of pugs™ or credits, and you can afford the chosen game rewards, you just need to click on the item you chose.

After that, you will receive a code that you can activate in the game.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to activate the code instantly. You always have access to it in the My Codes section at MillionPugs.

As you can see, the MillionPugs startup is an innovative cashback for gamers that can truly change the gaming industry. Gamers may finally stop spending time and money on the top-end game content for their favorite titles and use the MillionPugs service to get it for free and effortlessly.

All you need to start using the cashback service is to create an account, install the plugin, shop online in the stores you usually frequent, but, at the same time, start collecting points exchangeable for game rewards.

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