WoT 1.18: TL-7 and Vipera Changes

TL-7 (🇺🇸USA, Tier-9, TD, premium)
• Aiming time: from 2.59 to 2.40 s
• Dispersion at 100m: from 0.38 to 0.36
• Spread after shot: from 5.00 to 3.00
• Max. reverse speed: from 13 to 15 km/h

SMV CC-64 Vipera (🇮🇹Italy, Tier-8, TD, premium)
* The tank is completely ready for release.
• Removed tank tags: “Secret” and “Tested”
• Tank price in gold: from 100 to 9,950

11 thoughts on “WoT 1.18: TL-7 and Vipera Changes

      1. WG tends to overnerf powerful tanks and then buff them so they’re in the middle of decent and competitive

  1. Would’ve liked for the Vipera to get a bit better aim time, oh well.

    Hopefully it goes on sale this weekend (either direct sale or marathon, please no slot machine crap).

    1. If the devs actually gave it a balanced armour model, then they could easily improve the gun or mobility to balance it. But they just refuse to give it balanced armour so it has bad mobility and the gun seems like it will be frustrating to use. So it will be obnoxious to play, but also obnoxious to play against.

      1. The Vipera will probably have issues when uptiered. Against many same tiers and all lower tiers the frontal armor is ridiculous, but Tier 9-10 with good enough gold ammo will punch through without much trouble. And since the Vipera turns and moves like a slug, disengaging will be pretty much impossible.

        1. And the roof is overmatchable by 121mm+ calibers so soviet heavys will pen it very easily. I think tech tree variant has better armor worse hull but not that much and better turret.

          1. The CC-67 is overall better yes. The Vipera has to compromise on a lot of stuff for a 5-round carousel, but I question whether that’s an advantage or not since the intraclip is so long.

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