WoT: ru.wargaming.net Blocked In Kazakhstan

In Kazakhstan, starting this weekend, all providers of the country (the main ones) have blocked the site ru.wargaming.net

You can access it only through VPN. This site contains the following subsections: Personal account, authorization, premium shop, clans, tournaments etc.

43 thoughts on “WoT: ru.wargaming.net Blocked In Kazakhstan

            1. Many Russian sympathiser are worse trolls. Just like you Mr anonymous. You sir are THE worst.

              1. I know he posts as “Anonymous” gutless much?. U know wen this started I didn’t blame the Russian people I blamed Putin. After all it is not like they have any say in what their country does. They were just as surprised as the rest of us Puta went for it. No, he decides what their country does and their job is just to shoulder a rifle and go wherever he decides and get shot or killed However the more Russians I see and speak too the more I realise that even though they had literally “ZERO” input into the decisions that Putin is making in their name they have still decided to profess to believe that which deep down inside they know is not true. I think it is probably a reaction to their own powerlessness. Subconsciously they think if they seem to get right behind this they can somehow take responsibility for it as if they did play some part in the actions their country takes in their name. Yet all the time stressing their belief in flying nazis and weaponised pigs so they can also abrogate all responsibility for their countries actions… poor mixed up Russkies. They really need to man up and take some responsibility for their position in the world. Their weakness resulted in the Soviets and Stalin, Kruschev, Beria and all the other chuckle brothers and Russian Red Army inspired fear the world over for almost 75 years. I am beginning to think that the Russian people are in love with autocracy and that is a problem for the world not just them. Yeah, they suffered gulags and knocks on the door in the early hours for people never seen again but it was not just them. They inflicted the Soviets on the world. Surely you can only make so many mistakes before you have to wonder is this what they want and not what they are seemingly forced to accept. I think Russians like autocracy it allows their nation to do the most horrendous things and they need accept no blame nor liability and NO GUILT…

          1. Haha look at your president Biden. What a joke that fucker is. He doesn’t even know who he is or where he is

            1. I did not vote for him.. Also the fbi rigged the election.. You could tell as no one went to bidens signing in

              1. the fbi rigged the election

                You forgot that the CIA, the Illuminati, Soros, the Zionist conspiracy, and Elvis Presley also had a hand in making Donald Dump lose…. lmao. The Republicans of the 2020s have to be the worst sore losers ever, never seen anything like it anywhere in the Western World, usually the ones who go for coups after elections are African countries.

                1. Why is it that all the crackpots… No, sorry these are not ordinary crackpots… why is it that all the “Flying” crackpots are always in online chat… 🙂

                  1. No need to be a “crackpot” to throw insults at far-right extremists, they deserve such insults and more. 🙂

                    And no, that does not make me a “communist” or “Russian sympathizer”, simply put I will never bow to fundamentalist fanatics and their worthless strongmen (e.g. Trump, Bolsonaro, Orban, and so on).

                    1. Hmmmmmm sits on 2$ a gallon of gas with trump…. While bidens making it be 8$ hmmmmmmmm…. Oh and biden sniffs little kids.. Creepy much?

      1. Ya ochen nadeyus’ chto ty suchara zdohnesh v mukah – to chto ya izza vas irodov perezhyl v kharkove huje ada. No ty skotina etogo ne poimiosh nikogda..

    1. Its china thats evil.. Russia is just the puppet… Cause democrats kiss the ass of poobear..

  1. and behind all this vitriol trolling and name calling by the kids etc. that frequent this forum for the loll’s

    ~ Kazakhstan a Independent self governing Country country bordering Russia is very worried its also about to get invaded by Russia soon, with another Putin ‘Special Operation’ where real people will get killed with real bullets in a real War

    1. Putin Won’t Invade Kazakhstan You puppet Troll because there’s no reason to invade Kazakhstan but he might invade Poland and Finland as those countries pissed him off… and he won’t invade any other country as long as they don’t make him mad…

      1. Poland is a NATO member so he wont do that will he… Like all bullies he only pocks fights he thinks he can win. If the dreaded Russian army cant fight the 100 miles from Belarus to Kiev when fighting Ukrainian salesmen postmen and train drivers what do you think happens when it comes up against well equipped, well supplied and superbly trained professional NATO armies????

    2. Mate, he has got his hands full in Ukraine. It is all he can do to prevent the Ukrainians retaking the Crimea and he is not going to get into another war or special operation in Kazakhstan. Besides the whole world knows these days never get involved in a land war in central Asia… they are often easy to get into and almost impossible to get out of…

    1. Its the ccp you want.. I mean trump was starving it out.. And trump was killing it from the head.. After the ccp fell rest would fallow.. Without a single bullet shot and if anything russia eould never had attacked in the first place.. That been my opinion.

      1. Well then, let’s hope Trump will come back, because ever since Brandon aka the dead guy come in power, the world has gone south…

          1. Source “trust me bro” ? Ok, i play your game : If he is undercover kgb, then why didn’t putler attack Ukraine when he was at the helm?

          1. He did?! I’m amazed. The guy looks like is more dead than alive. Death is looking for him at home, and he is haunting the white house.

    2. You mean destroy your idiot western Cold War racist and discriminatory NATO thinking… once that’s gone then there will be peace…

      1. “iOu MeAn dEsTrOy YoUr iDioT WeStErn CoLD WaR RaCist AnD DiScRimiNaTory NATO…..” waaah. Fuck off.

      2. Im american im not wishing death on anyone.. Just because someone is doesn’t make me part of it.. You wanna yell at someone uell at the one who is breeding the violence.. Not the ones who is trying to get along with you.. I like all russians and all Chinese peeps.. Its just the ones that wanna kill and take lives or make other people lives a living hell.. I will never like… So im sorry to you all what you all go through.. Violence is a far-left thing.. Always will be..

  2. So how’s that going to work out with that account transfer thing?
    Do they request that on the CIS region support portal or the EU region support portal?
    Remember, the new EU4 server is somewhere in Qazaqstan.

    1. There will only be Ukrainians no Russian players will go to EU.
      Tanks are too expensive for peasants and they won’t be able to pay as EU has blocked RU payments from sanctions.

  3. Look at Kazakhstan on the map. It’s huge and rich from oil.
    Okay it probably only has five t62a tanks.
    But look at Ukraine destroying the worst and the best soldiers this third world country called Russia.
    What an international embarrassment.
    It’s more likely Kazakhstan will invade Russia not Russia invading anywhere.

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