WoT ST: SU-2-122

The SU-2-122 is a Tier V Soviet tank destroyer.
This is the first Soviet TD to be armed with two 122-mm howitzer guns. Each of these guns causes 450 HP of damage with the HE shell and 370 HP of damage with the HEAT shell. As far as armour penetration, the standard HE shell penetrates 61 mm, while the HEAT shell penetrates 140 mm. Each gun has a dispersion of 0.48 m at 100 m and takes 3 seconds to aim.
The reload time for one of the paired guns is 12 seconds. Switching between guns when using cyclic fire takes 7 seconds, while the salvo preparation time is 4 seconds. After the salvo, the guns are blocked for 3 seconds.
The vehicle is not particularly impressive in terms of armour. Its hull armour reaches 45 mm and its total durability is 480 HP. The vehicle’s top speed is 45 km/h, with a specific power of 14.5 h.p./t.
You shouldn’t rely on this vehicle’s armour in close combat. That’s why the best tactics involve long-distance fire and supporting your allies.

7 thoughts on “WoT ST: SU-2-122

  1. Meme tank shit for when you spend cash and don’t get a tier 8
    But seriously apart from useless 49% players who fires HE?!

  2. Dude does wargaming care at all about the new player experience NO . Lets put another durp tank at low tiers but this time lets make it do 900 damage AVERAGE . sigh

    1. You forgot it has to have a auto reloader, go at 60mph, and have no frontal weak spot or no Muppet will buy it

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