WoT ST: Object 283

The Object 283 is a Tier IX Soviet medium tank with rear turret placement.
It’s armed with a 100-mm gun that deals 360 HP of damage per shot. Its standard AP shell penetrates 226 mm of armour, while the special HEAT shell penetrates 300 mm. It has an accuracy of 0.38, an aiming time of 2.5 s, and a reload time of 9.4 s.
The vehicle is well armoured. The frontal hull and turret armour reach 190 mm. Total durability is 1,700 HP. Its top speed is 50 km/h, and its specific power is 17.9 h.p/t. The view range is 380 m.
The Object 283 is a tough medium tank capable of confidently withstanding hits from same-tier vehicles and practically opposing Tier X vehicles as equals when using sidescraping. Thanks to its armour, the vehicle can take enemy fire while letting more lightly armoured allies form an offensive. At the same time, note that the vehicle’s mobility characteristics are not the highest, so be sure to consider your route in advance.

11 thoughts on “WoT ST: Object 283

      1. Probably true…even if WG now tries to “rationalize” the play style of a given branch as one moves up the line.

    1. Most likely a tier 9 prem because of the crappy pen on std rounds. The Battlepass reward tanks are normally better than this.

  1. Spiritual successor to the old Object 430 Version II, back when it had good armor?

    Hopefully it’s a normal Tier 9 premium, like WZ-114 and Strv K.

    1. i would love a crew trainer for the branch that played like the line like this one do (not that guard is bad just dont play the same way as the rest)

      1. me too. Even if the performance is bad, I like premium tanks that share the same play style as the official Techtree. I try to collect such tanks if possible.

      2. STG is bad?! Really?! Why, it has big boi accurate gun, with good camo. One of the good premiums. (Not OP, but still good)

  2. I can’t see the strength in the numbers shown in the picture. Is Bloom small? Or another power creep delay tank. Anyway, I don’t hate tanks for the new moe.

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