WoT ST: Harry Hopkins I

The Harry Hopkins I is a Tier IV British light tank.
It’s armed with a 40-mm gun that deals 55 HP of damage per shot. Penetration with a standard AP shell is 121 mm, and 145 mm with a special APCR shell. Reload time is 2.5 s, accuracy is 0.4, and aiming time is 2 s. It has an engine power of 200 h.p., a specific power of 23.1 h.p./t, and a maximum forward speed of 50 km/h.
The Harry Hopkins I ** is a classic British light tank built on the Tetrarch I chassis with improved hull armour and an upgraded turret

2 thoughts on “WoT ST: Harry Hopkins I

  1. This one might be fun to play.
    Also, you might’ve recognised this tank from the Girls und Panzer spin-off manga: Ribbon no Musha.
    I did anyhow.

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