WoT EU Auction Day 4: Gonsalo & Warhammer 40k Styles+Crew

Lot 1: Gonsalo and 3D-style “Many Faces”.
• Minimum price: 10,000 gold.
• Quantity: 20,000 pcs. OPEN AUCTION.

Lot 2: Warhammer 40,000 Reinforcement:
-Vitarian and Goran Crew Members
-2D Styles – Emperor’s Wrath & Chaos Indivisible
-Imperial Aquila Decal
• Type: Public Auction
• Minimum price: 3,500 gold.
• Quantity: 30,000 pcs.

18 thoughts on “WoT EU Auction Day 4: Gonsalo & Warhammer 40k Styles+Crew

  1. I thought that skin was SEA/CHN exclusive.

    I might throw some gold at the Gonsalo, not amazing but at least it does not seem to be an absolute pig like the Caliban.

  2. I was considering bidding for this. Then i found out the gosarlo doesn’t get the two shot auto reloader like the caliban so whats the point. Its just a caliban that’s less fun. No thanks. Waste of money

    1. A Tornwagon is the actual, superior, counterpart
      Its armor works on flat ground. the gun works better.
      its not as fast but both are sluggish heavies regardless

      1. If Gonsalo moves anything like the Caliban, no way it’s as bad as Thorwagon in terms of mobility. I tried Caliban via rental months ago and it’s surprisingly quick for a heavy tank. In comparison, Thorwagon feels like I’m driving a VK 100.

        1. Gonso is fast for a heavy but slower than anything else.
          Plus it needs slopes so you can’t use every position
          And once you are there… You trade shots. Slowly. With horrible gun handling

          I pass

          Caliban at least is somewhat unique with Derp ital autoloader

          1. PS. And derp meant you don’t have to aim all too well.
            240 pen is nice…but not foe o.45 for hatch shots

          2. Caliban at least is somewhat unique with Derp ital autoloader

            Caliban would’ve been absolutely awesome had WG not nerfed HE into the ground. As it is now, the tank is a 2-round carousel artillery that needs gold AP to be somewhat usable, unless one gets that miracle game where it’s like 3 Tier 8s and the rest is Tier 6-7, in which case having a second ammo configuration with HESH will help immensely.

            1. I agree
              the version able to splash tanks, be it for a tiny amount, was better than the current formular<.<

              Now HE bounces in idiotic ways

    1. Looks like this is the trend of the whole event – minimum bid wins. Makes me happy, at least WG failed to bullshit people into overbidding like crazy.

  3. Gonzales has much better shell velocity – 900m/s (contrary to 350m/s) and shorter reload time – 15s (contrary to 25s)

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