5 thoughts on “Update 1.18: 🇮🇹 SMV CC-67 In-game Pictures

    1. Doubt it, the armor is too flat so HEAT is going to have a field day on it. They might bully F2P players strictly firing standard shells. Their gun stats, unlike the Soviet TD’s who’s on paper accuracy is extremely buffed by soft stats, will most likely have the soft stats of other Italian tanks like their HT line, which have some of the wonkiest dispersion. Meaning that unless you are playing extremely close to your enemy, and most likely exposing your weak sides, you will have to pray daily to RNGesus for any hits to land when firing from safer distances. IMO, they will be the punchier version of the Italian HT’s, akin to the T110E4 line when compared to the E5. The issue here being, the Italian big guns are hampered by their accuracy, being severely effected by dispersion during hull movement, and turret rotation.

      1. I almost forgot about their almost unarmored turret roof and engine cover, meaning arty is going to be hitting you as hard as the Italian HT’s up to Tier IX.

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