57 thoughts on “Comparison: Worst World of Tanks Updates by chems

  1. Is Udarniy even planned for a release outside of CHN? We’ve had nothing but recycled garbage everywhere else, even the anniversary had nothing new, let alone worth the pricetag.

    I’m starting to think the next new premium will be the Vipera in September…

      1. I have to agree and disagree.
        Yes he is toxic, and yes he also is a little bit stupid in a way but i did not mean retarded when i say stupid

  2. Why do you even share something from this guy?
    All I see on his channel is he’s trying to make everything look stupid and he thinks that’s funny or he’s roasting something or he’s trying to start yet another drama.
    This guy has obviously serious mental problem.
    By the thumbnail in this specific video, he’s rating the tank that hasn’t even been released???
    HE & SPG changes are bad? Sorry?
    Yes hulldown meta is boring but it’s better than getting clicked for 500-600 or 1k occasionally across the map by some muppets who don’t even use their keyboards.
    Who complains about HE change rather than “already-buffed-by-RNG” 4k-ers?
    Overall gaming experience with WoT has been getting quite a lot better this year, whether you deny it or not.
    I see no point of sharing badly-criticized contents like this.

          1. Like… I have seen fully complains in this page 😐 like no matter what WG does most of the comments here are complains, even when in youtube or twich some CC have agree with some changes…

            Equipment 2.0, the one that was a lot better than most of the people though, giving options for players, low prices for F2P and more equipments at low tier… complains 😐 even when most of the CCs nowadays say that was a good change.

            Arty nerf? complains for killing the most hated class 😐 and also complains for not being enough…

            HE changes, they were bad… but at the end it was not that bad because of the intuition rework.. .but still complains…

            Red shire getting fix? Complains because of “another corridor”

            Recom mode? Complains because the winer was the copy of mines… even when it was chose by the comunity 😐

            Changes to the leopard1, Stb, E5, kranvang and another tanks that were trash and now are strong but not op (except for kranv) playable and liked by the community? still complains because they are not that good as chieftain (the tank you usually never met in randoms)

            OP krang being nerf? Complains

            t67, bdrg1 and another sealclbues nerf? Complains

            the only article were most of the comments are positive is the one about airfield… and even there, a random said the changes are bad because of mirrored map 😐

            Like, you complain of everything, even when CCs say its a good change, even more than the community in youtube or twich, where randoms appears in wot tournaments just to say: “fix the game” o “fix chieftain” o “rtarded game no one plays it”… Bruh….

            1. Btw I just remembered the battle pass, the one that gave a lot of staff for free to ALL THE PLAYERS… when It gave a lot, people complained because it was “too much”

              When It gave less, people still complained because “WG nerfs F2P things”

              When it allowed you to get reward tanks really easy, people complained because “Its bad for the game to having newbies at tier 8-9”

              When WG reduced to 1 reward tank avalible for F2P players every season people complained because “Is P2W and force you to invest in the game”…

              even when at that point you are getting a lot of things for free, a reward tank and also a lot of F2P were fulled by credit boosters, cammos, blue prints and a lot of staff from the battle pass 😐

              1. Why do you think WG puts the community’s opinion in the trash bin?
                Because they are only good at crying of course. That’s also the reasons why they follow statistic rather than constrictive criticism. You can’t follow someone’s opinion when someone else will cry about the changes.

              1. are u gonna tell me that you are not agree with the things chems say?

                are u gonna tell me that the community that likes the videos where CCs criticise WG and also leave comments showing their support for the way they thinks is not the community of wot?

                Do you even play wot? I’m not saying that the community only critices… I’m saying that the people in this news page (page that I relaly like and visit almost everyday) only critices, no mather what WG does 😐

                Ok, I take it, CCs dont know a sht about the community, you must know a lot, then answer me. Nerfing arty was bad because they killed the class or bad because the nerfs wasnt enought and they didnt kill the class?

                  1. so, you are telling me arty mustnt be nerfed because it was good and the only complaining were the heavy players? (btw I’m a light tank player :|) Do you get my point?

                    Everyone hates arty and complain about that… WG nerf arty and the people here still complain about the nerf 😐

                    1. Arty being nerfed to what it is now means hulldown heavies have no direct counter. A pos like Chieftain would’ve been far less of a threat if a near miss from a T92 could still deal 800 damage.

                      But hulldown turbo heavies is the new meta and WG wants to milk it as long as they can, so we are in this sorry af situation where said hulldown turbo heavies spam gold at each other barely doing anything.

    1. Haha, I’ve known for ages that this “WoT community” is full of idiots & complainers.
      But now I just acknowledge they have no manner as well =))))
      What if somebody calls your mothers “whore”?
      There are only a small number of people who actually have brains in this community. They give constructive feedbacks and appreciate the efforts that WG actually put in their game rather than bashing everything all day.
      I guess I should no longer waste my time talking to some random braindead 4k-ers?

        1. I come here to get new infos about WoT but instead I got this kind of articles.
          And when I gave my opinion about it, some gentlemen called me “gay”.
          Are you one of them?

          1. Not sure why you are trolling and complaining about wot.
            WG don’t even acknowledge their shitty forums. What’s left of them.
            Feedback and recommendations are ignored.
            So commenting here is even less worthwhile.

            1. Do you even read what I typed here?
              I’m a competitive player who know what’s going on with the game and what I’m talking here is about people who just shittalk the game for whatever reason.
              Yes the game has many issues that haven’t been fixed in quite a long time.
              But I do appreciate the improvements unlike most people here just go full “this game is trash” and still play it.

              1. “competitive player” oh please.
                If that was true you wouldn’t even be here troll.
                The game has been in decline for many years. Read stats.
                Why you think there’s 3 minute games?
                Because good players left n years ago leaving sub 47% players like you at tier 10 literally getting murdered and then blaming everything and everyone else for their own failings.
                That is why nobody will help you here. Use brain.

                1. Before saying anything, you can always search for my IGN in Asia server.
                  3-min games does happen but rarely.
                  Good players left years ago? =)))))))
                  I see you are the kind of people who just bash everything in the worst way possible.
                  Currently battles are 5 mins on average.
                  WoT playerbase nowaday is very very old, mainly old players, but most of them are still very bad.
                  Most hardcore players still play the game, simply because this game is an addiction.
                  Rolfstomps happen for every old game, not just WoT.
                  Why? Because as the playerbase getting older, more & more players have become more experienced, so they just know how to exploit small windows to make advantages, then make bigger advantages from small advantages. That’s how roflstomps happen, or should I say “snowball”?
                  Btw, can you show me your IGN & server so I would know if you’re using your brain or not, please? =))))))))))))

                  1. Ah yes Asian server lol
                    The one with 100 players.
                    So easy to be king of n00bs from 100 real players lmao

                    1. What a bloody dumb thought.
                      Do you know why the less amount of players, the harder it gets?
                      Because only those who are dedicated stay with the game or should I say “their addiction” when there are so many more choices (probably more chill/relax) out there in the gaming market nowaday.
                      Asia server is literally the hardest server out of all.
                      Here we have only a few new players, pretty much no tourists and mainly veterans.
                      Players here are way more experienced than EU/RU, that’s why the maximum performance you can get in a battle is significantly decreased. They make so much less stupid mistakes.
                      Come here give it a try to see if you can be “king of noobs” like what you said.
                      Btw, clickers here are just nightmares =))))))

    2. If you played anything above tier 3 you might actually notice how bad of shape the game is in.

      Most of what he posts nowadays are either funny moments poops and farts or showing how absolutely dumb this game is, whether its certain mechanics or invisible walls.

      The thumbnail is literally showing the slow decline the game has taken, and as it stands the Udarniy is literally an OBJ 260 dumbed down slightly and made a tier 8.

      Yes. HE changes were terrible. Instead of being able to kill something with HE by hitting anywhere on the tank, now your HE goes through dumb spaced armor and loses pen and ends up doing 0 damage. SPG changes were also terrible yes. I speak for everyone who has a functioning brain when I say I would rather get hit once every 10 games for 2000 damage than stunned every 30 seconds (or less). Artillery is a stupid class that allows old men to play the game without complaining about anything more than “I missed.”

      No. Hulldown meta and arty are both issues. And as it is right now you get “clicked for 500-600 or 1k” as you said. Not sure if you knew but arty uses the old HE mechanics still where it finds the weakest armor within a radius of the shells impact, and does damage based off of that, not where it hit. That is why more than often stun HE will do almost as much as the non stun HE.

      The reason sub 49%ers like you don’t complain about HE is because your brain functions too slowly to register it. All you do is drive until someone is spotted, stop your tank, take 8 years to aim and still miss.

      No, the overall gaming experience has gotten a lot worse. The best example of this, especially in recent time, is Wargaming nerfing the Kran, only to replace it with something that’s even stronger, the Minitauro.

      I can see perfectly why he or anyone else would want others to be aware of the decline this game has been on. 9.14 was probably the last universally liked update by most of the community. Everything after that has just been mostly crap.

      So again, I will reiterate: please consider playing tier 8-10 for a month or so. And also grow a brain while you’re at it. Might just help you realize how much worse this game is now compared to six years ago.

      1. Haha, show me your IGN & sv you play please? So I can know what kind of players I’m talking to.
        But I’m pretty sure if you’re a 4k+ recent WN8, you wouldn’t say something so stupid like you did =))))

      2. Too long did not read.
        EBR is always a worst class than arty.
        If you hate arty is because you only play heavies or you play against m44s and FVs tier 6

      3. Couldn’t agree more with you prex2000… the 9.6 dispersions changes was also a huge one that just took the fun right out of the game for me. Before 9.6 you’d almost never see your center mass aimed shot fly under the hull of your enemy, or over the roof of their turret. Flashforward to now days, you can take a shot with a “.28 dispersion” gun, and watch it happen 1/10 shots. I feel like the people speaking out against this video either didn’t play the game before these changes, or are immature and emotionally weak enough to let a personal issue with chems sway their opinions. The hate chems gets is mind blowing, but also a key into what makes his content funny, because without these lolcows, there would be no one to laugh at. They have fun watching QuickyBaby or Skillz rush into a 1v4 situation, get molly wopped, and tell them how “that play was necessary and smart”.

    3. Did you even play the game back then? Because you either didn’t or are extremely naïve. Back before the SPG changes, you’d get one shot by a TD once every fifteen, twenty games. Now you get stunned multiple times per game. Before HE changes, you couldn’t have someone just sit hull down and be invulnerable, because if enough people were firing HE at them, they could whither their HP down before said tank could kill all those players. Before 9.6, guns didn’t shoot underneath the hull of a tank, or fly off into space, when aiming for center mass. The only disagreements I could make with the video is about the Italian TD’s being “OP”. You must be gay.

      1. Wtf are you even muttering about?!
        Your reply contradicts itself.
        Go away and learn English first Rus bot

      2. I’ve played the game since 2012 =))))))
        Before HE changes, armor in WoT is pretty much irrelevant. You can’t never expect your tank has some armor and will actually bounce something because there will always be some “professors” outplaying you by using their right-click & left-click without any hesitation =)))))))))
        Before SPG changes =))))))))) your gaming experience gets ruined and you get mad no matter which class you play except clickers =))))))))))))))
        You get 1-shot by TD only because you’re a clueless pigeon with not enough experience/skill to know where they could possibly be to avoid their guns.
        Before reticle dispersion change, the difference between 0.4 & 0.3 accuracy is simply outrageous and unreal.
        You must be one of those legendary “4k-ers” =))))))))))))

        1. Soo funny how you’re trying to convince yourself and justify the last 10 years playing a now worthless game.

          1. So funny you’re still here talking about this “worthless game”.
            Instead of bashing other people for saying the truth, it’s better you just f off from the game completely or simply get good at it to see how it really goes and what is its problems.
            But I wonder some people might never be able to do so =))))
            Because a person who is capable of doing so would be way more practical.

            1. I have no problem with the game. You is the one whine about arty, premium ammo, HE etc.
              I just play for fun.

              1. I do have some problems with the game which are mainly MM, clickers, pre-nerf EBRs, Chieftain & 279e. But I’ve never complained so badly even once.
                When some of those problems got kinda “fixed” a little bit, I do appreciate it since my gaming experience got better.
                If you play for fun, why do you give a shit about this?
                Just play the game till the moment there’s no fun left for you.
                Only dedicated players dig deep into the game and talk about what’s good and bad.

    4. i like your energy pal. you can make this virgin-ass community make some noise. i myself dont give a damn shit about pixel panzer game. because this game is a joke in general, if you play this game more than 1 hour, 2 max. a day, and you take this game seriously. i’d tell you to seek medical help. ASAP. because either you have a thing for repeating yourself infinitely and then having a sense of “accomplishment” which is, quite fucking stupid if you ask about my input, being used as a work-donkey so you can have your pixel tanks added to your imaginary ownership, cuz if you read WG’s TOS you dont own shit that you have on their games, or you’re just oblivious that both the development team, and the players themselves, dont give a damn shit about anything. but i dont like to tap virtual slavery, if you’re one for grinding your ass on WG’s pole, and jovially smile back every time they smack your ass, not my quarrel. but already saying it, pretty lame and pitiful.

      its good to hop back on places where WG-based game communities gather up. good for a chuckle or two. i would redownload the game just to re experience general chat’s brain-meltdown. or just to watch some random loser melt down, because their precious game is being ruined by bad players, bad matchup, and bad mechanics. but hey, got better shit to do than sit on that bucket of clownery.

      if being a tomato grants me the power to stay away from “pro gamer” pass of bitching about a 12 years old game that to this day barely has their shit rectified, count me out. i’ll just stay outside watching and laughing, while this community continues to tear itself apart, and wargaming to profit from blind cows that “invest into their game status as pro-gamer”

  3. Defender is PURE HYPE… who ever had an issue with those?

    Sluggish, giant lower plate, nobody even plays it anymore. And overall armor is hardly tougher than IS-6 or so. Its profile is also rather normal- sides and rear are ez mode- not like it can turn quick.

    Obj 279 and the “cant be shot from below” now thats a nonsense
    You can only hit it with prem on the nose and the hatches are tiny.

    The HE changes well.
    I liked that one TEST version where SMALL CALIBER HE made consistent damage.
    the current HE is a joke. at times it just bounces or does little to no damage. so big tanks cant be penned or even decapped even IF a dozen small tanks shoot at them. thats a bad joke

    Is it this big an issue for those pissing heavies if smaller tanks can at least deal SOME damage?
    so another heavy shooting you for 500 is alright… but getting hits of 10~50 is not?

    Crybaby alarm!

  4. Both the author of this post and the person that created the video mentioned in it – are Trolls.
    They enjoy when people are at each others throats and think that it is hilarious to look at fights over disagreements.

    1. If we’re talking about theories, yes there will be agree/disagreements.
      But there’s no theory here, only facts which do not change no matter you agree or disagree with it.
      So what is the point of spreading such useless infos to create more & more hatred in this already-full-of-toxicity community?

      1. Is it irony that you defend a person who is spreading hatred and lies to get clicks and fame?
        Half of his points are just simply wrong (arty nerf, remove of team damage being a bad thing, he nerf) and are there to gather the typical audience while the other half is a mix of truth (Chief, defender) and redundance (his personal matters, climbs, maps being deleteted but were added later and so on)

        1. Do you misunderstand something here?
          From what I know about this “chems” person, he likes to create dramas so much that I have to block his channel.

  5. Video is wrong when it states no premium tanks have been nerfed since type 59.
    That’s such a crappy myth. Stop perpetuating it.

    And when he claims the 268-4 can do 50 kph, IS7 says hi, and IS7 already had a speed nerf….sad noises.

  6. WoT. A mediocre stale game that heaven forbid you criticize because the WoT white knights will defend her honor. And the sensitive people need to stop whining and complaining about “toxic” speech. If you don’t like you can always turn off the chat.

    1. Bro, the community has been criticizing wot for years… And the CCs and the playerbase agree with that for years… Now WG gives the things that the community asked… and like 80% of people and CCs liked most of the parts, complained about the bad things like the op spguettis tds… but accepting last patches as overall improvement of the game…

      But only in this page most of the people (like you) just keep complaining… And now, when WG gaves me what I have asked and YOU have asked… YOU called us “sensitive white knigts” looks like if WG improves his game you,r pride as an angry costumer gets hit so hard, you prefer to call others “white knigts” before accpeting WG did FINALLY after years, something good for the game

      1. Still they never listen about cancer EBRs or community is not saying enough about that maybe and they keep focusing on Arta when that is not a big problem anymore.

        1. “cancer EBRs” =))))))
          Yes in certain situations it is definitely cancer.
          But may I ask have you ever play those EBRs once?
          How hard it is to master those car, I can assure you that you will never be able to.
          EBR, the 105 specifically, in the current meta, is strong, but not broken anymore. Plus very few players can make it work properly.
          It is no longer the serious issue.
          Clickers? Yes they are way less annoying now, but still annoying.
          As long as there are players who want to play TANKS, clickers will still be hated as they’re just a braindead class which can “outplay” you from wherever and you can do nothing about it.
          In order to 3-mark the EBR 105, you need ~4.7-4.8k combined in average.
          With the Manticore, you need >5k.
          I hope there will be more clueless pigeons complain about Manticore after this =))))))

          1. This is problem with players like your. Just complain and whine all the time whatever WG do.
            You always find something to cry about.
            If you don’t like the have then don’t spend your SGD or don’t play at all

  7. This Video just drained France of all it’s Whine.

    Buhu artillery
    So mean…
    Buhu hype defender..
    So mean…

    A few points like 279f are legit
    But others are just pandering to the lowest nominators… Aka noobs

    Not new players
    But those with 40k fights and 43%
    Wondering about invisible tanks

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