Supertest: Fisherman’s Bay Map Changes

The urban area on the Fisherman’s Bay map is being reworked on the Supertest. Positions have been added for side-scraping and safe passage that allows for pushing to the central urban area.

Some covers have been moved in the central map area, while new covers have been added in the field, which should help vehicles survive at the central flank.

In addition, the terrain has been adjusted to help players from the bottom team move safely along the flank.

  1. The passage from the top base to the urban area has been reworked. A safe passage has been added to the central urban area, and the main positions have become more convenient for side-scraping.

  1. The structures in the central urban area have been rearranged and the shoot-throughs have been removed from the center of the top base on the main road.

  1. Bushes have been removed from the bottom base. The structure corner has been changed to prevent long shoot-throughs at the central area. In square F9, changes have been made to the structure corner that players could previously use. Now, it matches the structure on the opposite side.

  1. Several structures have been added at the central map area (from both sides) to help vehicles survive there.

  1. Bushes and terrain irregularities have been added at the bottom base to make the passage along the central flank safer (to match the top base).

  1. Bushes and shoot-throughs have been removed from the top base.

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