2 thoughts on “WoT – Update 1.18 Preview: A Big Rebalance, the Outpost Map, and Italian Tank Destroyers

  1. This is an awesome change, especially with artillery and EBR. Now all that is left for you to nerf premium ammo and I will be spending 400€ per year no problem for your game 😀 Not even joking WG, I am a whale.

    1. An ammo and consumable rework would be nice, especially if they let me pick which 3 ammo types I wanted to bring into battle instead of only giving me APCR, HEAT, and HE for example, and consumables really do need changed cause that’s simultaneously has zero impact on games if you take shit like 105 oct. gas or removed speed gouv. and also having a profoundly large impact on games cause of food and the bonuses from large consumables.

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