WoT Supertest: Map Changes – Mountain Pass

Mountain Pass underwent a number of changes to improve the quality of battle.

Change Description:

1 – Slightly changed the terrain to make it simpler for heavy tanks to close in.

2 – Added an option to roll down without taking damage near the bridge.

3 – Removed superfluous vegetation that hampered navigation on the flank but didn’t affect gameplay.

4 – Added cover.

5 – Reduced hill height.

6 – Removed a part of the mountain to make driving along the initial routes easier for the lower team. It also opens a line of fire from the TD position similar to the one at the other base

7 – Increased the hollow’s depth to improve initial routes for the lower team.

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3 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Map Changes – Mountain Pass

  1. If WG really want to improve the quality of play they should probably just remove this map. It’s bad for scouts, bad for arty, bad for sniping TDs, and bad for every other tank that doesn’t have the armor to hug a corner, or lacks gun depression.

  2. I like this map . Just stop removing bush cover from all the maps . Its really getting out of hand soon we will have no soft cover on any maps its crazy if you compare an old map versions to a new ones almsot all the soft cover has been removed

  3. Again the changes are only made to improve heavy tank survivability, add hulldown positions and even more cripple the sniper TD’s.. 🙁

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