7 thoughts on “WoT: KV-1SA Screenshots

  1. A gift tank? Really?

    Is this going to be the “well deserved reward” for this year?

    1. The well deserved gift should have been the fv304 old version (tier 7) and the ELC AMX (tier 6)

      1. NGL, a T6 ELC as it used to be would be a kick-ass gift. I’d buy one as a regular premium as well.

        This will be an interesting and fun vehicle to drive, but the old ELC would be better at keeping with the theme of the former well deserved gifts.

    1. At the cost of having to spend 6 seconds to empty the 6-shell clip and 39 seconds of recharge for the 6 shells. Also, a Panzer V/IV, a Panzer III/IV or even a KV-1 can destroy it with ease.

  2. so they put the KV-1S at T6 and give us a KV-1S that’s worse????
    kinda like the shitty “gift” we got on their 10 year birthday the Valiant. great fucking gifts…..

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