WoT CT 1.19: Changes to New Premium Vehicles (tier3-5)

SU-2-122 (USSR, Tier-5, TD, premium, double-barreled gun mechanics)
• Added historical reference:
In December 1942, Soviet engineers had an idea to build a multi-barrel tank destroyer based on the modified chassis of the T-34. One of the projects was an unusual twin howitzer, which was to be named the SU-2-122. The project was discontinued at the blueprints stage and remained in the archives, where it was recently discovered.

• Added a short description of the tank:
Twin gun mount, powerful HE shells
• Added a detailed description of the tank:
The first Soviet tank destroyer with a twin gun mount. Thanks to powerful HE shells, it is able to inflict devastating damage to enemies, after which it becomes not very comfortable to continue the battle. Features of the guns do not allow sniper fire and impose battles at close range.
• Added tank tag: Improved hardening (Class 2)
• Removed tank tag: Improved hardening (Class 3)
• Tank repair cost: from 2,374 to 1,709 credits
• Salve shot preparation time: from 4.00 to 3.00 sec
• Gun change time after firing: from 7.00 to 5.00 sec

Pz.Kpfw.KW I (R) mit 7,5 cm KwK 40 L/48 (Germany, Tier-5, HT, premium)
• Added historical reference:
In early July 1941, the Armed Forces High Command ordered the evacuation and the putting in operation of captured Soviet vehicles, including the KV heavy tanks. The most significant improvement to the KV-1 was made in 1943 by the 204th Panzer Regiment of the 22nd Panzer Division. The gun was likely damaged, as it was equipped with the German 7.5 cm gun from the Pz.Kpfw. IV G with the mantlet and the MG 34 coaxial machine gun. Additionally, the Pz.Kpfw.IV commander’s cupola was placed to the turret’s top, the radio was replaced, and the T-34 fan with a cover was mounted.
• Added a short description of the tank:
Excellent armor, good firepower
• Added a detailed description of the tank:
A German premium heavy tank with excellent armor and a fast-firing 75mm cannon. The decent characteristics of the gun allow you to confidently hit targets, and the correct positioning in battle will make it possible to implement any tactics: from breaking through lines to protecting important areas.
• Tank repair cost: from 3,368 to 2,465 credits

KV-1SA (USSR, Tier-5, HT, premium, reverse autoreloader with 5 shells)
• The class of the tank has been changed: from “Premium” to “Promotion”.
• Removed tank tag: “Unique”
• Tank repair cost: from 2,400 to 3,120 credits

A25 Harry Hopkins I Harry Hopkins I (Great Britain, Tier-4, LT, premium)
• Added historical reference:
Development of the upgraded version of the Tetrarch I under the designation of Light Tank Mk. VIII or A25 started in 1941. Its frontal hull and turret armor were enhanced and, together with the side plates, formed sloped armor. The vehicle’s dimensions were unchanged, so its combat weight remained slightly over 8.5 tons. In November 1941, the tank’s name was changed to the Harry Hopkins I in honor of Harry Hopkins, President Roosevelt’s advisor. The vehicle failed testing in the Middle East due to issues with thermal conditions and driving on sand. The first six tanks were built only in 1943, at which point they were of little interest to the British Army. However, it is difficult to call the A25 project a failure. In 1942, the Alecto tank destroyer was developed based on the chassis of the Harry Hopkins I. It never saw combat but was used until the late 1940s in Europe and in the Middle the chassis of the Harry Hopkins I. It never saw combat but was used until the late 1940s in Europe and in the Middle East. One Harry Hopkins I vehicle has survived to this day and resides at the Bovington Tank Museum in the U.K.
• Added a short description of the tank:
High rate of fire, excellent armor penetration
• Added a detailed description of the tank:
British light premium tank with excellent weapon characteristics: decent armor penetration coupled with a high rate of fire make this vehicle a serious opponent. The projectiles’ incredible speed allows it to significantly contribute to the team’s success both in attack and defense.

M16/43 Carro Celere Sahariano (Italy, MT, Tier3, premium)
• Added historical reference:
At the end of 1940, the Italian Army encountered the British Cruiser Tank Mk. IV for the first time, and Italian engineers were interested in the concept of a high-speed tank. Initially, the plan was to create a low vehicle with a maximum armor thickness of 30 mm, a maximum weight of 13 tons, and armaments typical for Italian vehicles. Its 250 h.p. engine was supposed to provide a top speed of 55 km/h. The tank’s weight and length gradually increased, and, as a result, it was a low-silhouette vehicle with a height of 2 meters. However, the vehicle did not pass full-fledged testing. By mid-1942, the 30 mm armor was not enough, and the project was discontinued.
• Added a short description of the tank:
Accurate gun, good camouflage
• Added a detailed description of the tank:
A medium tank with features characteristic of Italian tank building: an elongated hull, compact turret, low silhouette. The tank is equipped with a fairly accurate gun for its tier, and also has decent camouflage performance.

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    1. Tl;dr: not that bad.

      For the KW-1 /w KwK 40, its the typical German L/48 gun stats, so 115mm pen.
      Doublederp has 61mm HE and 140mm HEAT pen.
      Hopkins has the Matilda’s 2-pdr.
      And the Sahariano has 70mm AP pen.

  1. Prepare your wallets, folks, since these’ll be in the christmas lootboxes.
    So you’re bound to end up with a few if you’re going after the real prizes. xD

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