WoT Supertest: KV-1SA Detailed Stats

KV-1SA (USSR, Tier-5, gift, reverse autoreloader with 6 shells)

Reloading mechanicm is similar to the IS-3A.
The shell that loads in first will have the fastest reload, and subsequent ones will take longer to reload. For maximum DPM, the entire first loaded magazine should be fired, and then only the first loaded shell must be fired.

This might be the proposed tank for the 2022 Well-Deserved Reward

Gun . 76 mm ZiS-5
• Average damage: 110
• APCR (standard) shell penetration: 120 mm
• APCR (special) shell penetration: 150 mm
• HE shell penetration: 38 mm
• Full magazine reload: 37.39 s
• Reload between shells: 1 s
• 1st shell reload time: 3.84 s
• 2nd shell reload time: 4.79 s
• 3rd shell reload time: 5 .75 s
• 4th shell reload time: 6.71 s
• 5th shell reload time: 7.67 s
• 6th shell reload time: 8.63 s
• Shells in the magazine: 6
• Turret Traverse Speed: 27.12 °/s
• Elevation angles: -5/25
• Aiming time: 2.40 s
• Accuracy at 100 m: 0.43
• Average damage per minute: 1,721
• Shell velocity of the APCR (standard) shell: 950 m/s
• Shell velocity of the APCR (special) shell: 950 m/s
• Shell velocity of the HE shell: 612 m/s

No description.
Crew 5 people:
Commander; Loader; Driver; Radioman; Loader.
Role in battle: Assault tank.

Source: WOT Express

5 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: KV-1SA Detailed Stats

  1. “This might be the proposed tank for the 2022 Well-Deserved Reward”
    * *

    This could be epic – give a 660 damage in 6 seconds tank to everyone for free, so that low/mid tier gameplay would be ruined for months..

    1. Five seconds even for the full clip.
      But hey, they might nerf it before release.
      Otherwise, gg ktnxbai for t5 MTs when they meet one.

    2. Just give everyone back the old ELC and the OLD fv304.. 1 tier above the others…..

      ELC AMX tier 6
      FV304* Tier 7 (small fast little spg with VR)
      AFK Panther Tier 8 version

      Heck even the OLD HE mechanic KV2 would be ok as well.

  2. I want XD
    fuck MM fuck balance fuck new players
    lets just wreck the game and get it over with lol

  3. They need to nerf the intra-clip reload completely. There is no way you can run back to barriers if it is one second, just look what happened to Cobra. It has the lower reload speed than Churchill 1 for first clip and similar reload as BDR G1 for last clip It should be 1.75s to 2s intraclipping speed which is similar to B1, Churchill 3 or Matilda reload which is less damage per shot. KV tanks have actual armour. It is not fun to play a tier 4 and get instant clipped by this tank only to fire 3 shot doing 55 damage with 50/50 chance of penning with tanks like DW2 or B1.

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