WoT ST: Semovente M41 Detailed Stats

Semovente M41 ( 🇮🇹Italy, Tier-5) also entered the supertest today.
The first of the new Italian TD line. This TD has three guns to choose from.

Transition to Semovente M41:
Tier 4: P26/40 ( 🇮🇹Italy, Tier-4) – the transition to the new TDs will lie through this tank. You can already collect about 13,500 experience in P26/40. You have about 2 months before the new tanks are getting released.

The release of the sub-branch can be expected in August-September 2022.

No description of the tank.

Crew of 3 people: Commander (Gunner), Driver, Loader (Radio Operator).

Source: WOT Express

One thought on “WoT ST: Semovente M41 Detailed Stats

  1. Good to see the real TDs maybe i will get this or the tier 6 and probably dont grind the rest of the line.
    To be fair the tier 6 and 7 chinese TD are the best of their line

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