WoT “Warrior of the East” 2D Style

Reward for the upcoming summer CW event.

+2% bonus to concealment
“We remain in memory only as our deeds. The martial art we’ve been learning since the day we were born is like a sharp blade that remains in its sheath, always ready to battle for what is good and right. As long as the sun blesses the fields with its warmth, as long as the fields are worked, and as long as peace and justice prevail in our lands, we continue to hone our spirits and our bodies. Yes, we were born and raised for battle. Yes, this is our purpose. The memories and the pride of our ancestors. Yet it is best for our swords to remain in their sheaths. We may be remembered for our deeds, but those deeds don’t have to forever be war.”
Suitable for vehicles: VIII, IX, X

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