WoT CT 1.17.1: 3D Style For The 🇨🇳Type 59 “Old Man”

“There is a fine line between a punishment and a challenge. My comrades in arms don’t understand; they even joke about it. But as for my crew, we’re glad we were given this vehicle. The rest of the unit has already switched to the 88, meaning our tank is the very last of its kind. And it’s completely operational, in full working order. It’s not ready to be locked up in a museum. Maneuvers are starting soon, so the higher-ups are coming to inspect materiel. This is our chance to show them what our ‘old man’ is made of. All these shiny new tanks might have tons of electronics and autonomous systems, but those could break at any moment. Us? We have nothing but pure mechanics and skill. We’ve been through so much with it, there’s no way we can’t handle some scheduled maneuvers. The ‘old man’ will outlive all these fancy new toys, believe you me. No microchip can replace a soul. And our tank has one, I’m sure of it. Just gotta change the air filters so they’re up to standard: the ventilation system isn’t its strongest suit.”

8 thoughts on “WoT CT 1.17.1: 3D Style For The 🇨🇳Type 59 “Old Man”

  1. Someone should direct WG to the “Black Sun” logo used by Nazi cultists (see: Thule Society) That logo on the front upper glacis.

    1. Are we going to ban anything that looks “kinda” similar to bad stuff, this even is not Sonnenrad, what I am bamboozled about is that this same logo is used by Vandalic Kingdom in Total War Atilla. https://totalwar.fandom.com/wiki/Vandalic_Kingdom

      What is kinda offending, is the “old man” name, considering the situation that did not happen on Tiananmen Square.

    2. Also as a Type 59 owner I just realised it is symbol of the clan, not the skin as Type has clan logo on that exact position.

  2. Yes please. I’ll have good lookin skins anyday. Pls add customizable skins and objects you can put on a tank wg, similar to wt. I dont care if it will be behind paywall I’ll take the entire stock.

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