WoT CT 1.17.1: New Game Mode Leaks

Several graphics related to a new game mode have been added to the game client under the name of: “Fun Random”.

You will be able to play it in a 2-3 person platoon.

Description of the mode in the game client:“Experimental battles according to non-standard rules.”

Finally, we’ll be introducing something extraordinary to World of Tanks in July. Get ready for an amazing new mode that will shake up the classic rules of the game and allow you to play in custom settings. What will it consist of? It’s a suprise! But one thing is for sure, something really amazing is waiting for you! So stay with us and enjoy your vacation!


9 thoughts on “WoT CT 1.17.1: New Game Mode Leaks

  1. Hmm reminds me of wot blitz’s gravity force game mode (essentially matches with very low gravity, extreme recoil from firing and getting hit depending on gun size, and jump boosts for some tanks

    1. Based on the art, tier 9 and 10 at least (based on the Char Futur and Grille floating around).

      The mode looks like someone watched Inception a few times. Could be fun.

  2. It’s a mode where you have to build your tank in the garage.
    So you can mix a tank hull from one track and add the turret from another tank etc

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