Supertest: SMV CC-56 (Initial Stats)

We have a new vehicle coming to the supertest

The Tier VII SMV CC-56 tank destroyer is coming to the Supertest soon.  This vehicle will represent a new branch of Italian tank destroyers, capable of fierce combat at both medium and close range. Starting from Tier VII, all vehicles in the branch are equipped with the magazine loading system. Although they may operate a bit differently from conventional guns, in most cases, the gameplay should be the same as that on vehicles featuring cyclic-loading systems.

When comparing the gun parameters of Italian tank destroyers with those of other TDs, you’ll notice that the Italian vehicles have a long reload time between shells but, cause decent damage per shot. However, they boast a short reload time for the full magazine.

The vehicle will be equipped with a 105 mm gun with a 3-shell magazine. Loading time between shells is 7 s and total reload time is 25 s. Damage per shot is 320 HP. Penetration with a standard Armor-Piercing shell is 170 mm, and 212 mm with a special APCR shell. Accuracy is 0.44, and aiming time is 3 s.

The tank destroyer features reliable armour for its tier. The frontal hull armour reaches 220 mm, while the turret armour is 260 mm. Turret traverse angle is limited to 60 degrees. Durability: 1,200 HP. Top speed: 31 km/h. Specific power: 13.7 h.p./t.

The SMV CC-56 is the first vehicle in a new branch of Italian tank destroyers that will feature a gun with a magazine similar to Tier VIII–X vehicles, as well as all the advantages and disadvantages of this branch.

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  1. Tier 8 & Tier 9 all say “yum yum come here little fella” that 170mm pen on a TD is laughable only frighten Tiers 5 &6 and best bit is 7 sec to reload on a reloader? enemy will laugh at this (i would

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