Cobra vs WT E 100 || The Most Broken Tanks?

There have always been OP tanks in the history of World of Tanks, but some, which were able to destroy an enemy in seconds stand out from the rest.

Currently the WT E 100 is not in the game but a similar tank has been released recently, the Cobra.

In your opinion which one is worse tier-to-tier?

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13 thoughts on “Cobra vs WT E 100 || The Most Broken Tanks?

    1. Cobra is more annoying then broken, wte100 was always very similar to the 4005 in that it had the big damage potential that scared people and such a long reload with no turret armor that you just get fucked like 75% of the time.

      Neither are good for the health of the game, but they’re not really op or busted, just very annoying.

      Now shit like the kran tho, that’s another story.

  1. The cobra is worse because it’s actually in the game. Unlike the wte100 that is not in the game doh

  2. Back in the days of 2014-2015, the WTF E100 was seriously broken.
    But now, even if it it gets into the game with its original 6-round, it won’t be that much of a problem.
    Now everything is so much faster, more armored, more concealment and Intuition.
    For something that so big with no armor no camo and so sluggish like the WTF, all you can do is camp at the redline, hope your LT do well and RNG doesn’t fck you up, then you can have 1 or 2 clips of dmg per game if luck is on your side.
    Nowadays games are happening with speed of light, anything slow and can’t be aggressive or at least be an active support is pretty much outdated.

  3. Technically Wt
    It’s so bad even wg had to remove it.

    Cobra ATM. It’s still in-game

    So the answer is

  4. I’m inclined to say the waffle since it isn’t as reliant on HE(SH).
    The Cobra is also a wee tad worse at being a sniper schnitzel.

    That said, I haven’t had the pleasure of facing a cobra yet due to a 2-week holiday. 😛
    But both look fairly unfun for gameplay.

  5. cobra ain’t that bad, an entire clip can sometimes only do 300 dmg, becoz rng, becoz balans comrade.

    now 279e or t95fv4201, THOSE ARE HORRIBLE TEAM IMBALANCING single tank game breakers.

  6. First iteration of the WTF E100 is still the champ. That said, I would not care to be a Tier-7 heavy or medium in the crosshairs of a Cobra.

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