WoT RU: Account transfers to EU coming soon

WoT will now have an account transfer from CIS to the EU server.

Following from the FAQ about the closure of WoWP in the CIS area, you can transfer your WOT account to the EU region via World of Warplanes. In fact, there will be a simultaneous transfer of the WoWP and WOT account. Details are coming later.

1. What will happen to the account and in-game values ​​on it after the server closes?
– Players may be given the option to transfer their WoWp account to an EU server. But such a transfer will be possible only if the WoT game account is simultaneously transferred from the RU server, with all the game progress on it (in-game values ​​and currency).

Accounts of players who cannot or do not want to transfer an account to the EU region will be deleted after the RU server is closed, and all game values ​​​​on them will be lost. The gold available on the account will remain available on the WoT account on the RU server.

2. What conditions are required to transfer an account to the EU server?
– Dates, details and specific conditions for account transfer will be available soon, stay tuned!

13 thoughts on “WoT RU: Account transfers to EU coming soon

  1. Fantastic, a swarm of Russian bots incoming. In my experience the Russians are unpleasant to play with in almost any title. It’s a mixture of arrogance, toxicity and never being able to admit when they lose. Of course we have many good Russians that are an exception and I look forward to them joining, but honestly I think it’s just a culture or something for them and I am not looking forward to this.

  2. At the risk of sounding racist – I’m strongly against this.

    WG made a big show of cutting ties with the RU cluster and bringing the supertest over to EU, and from what I saw on test server RU players are top tier douchebags, something we do not need nor want on EU.

    Especially now with anti-Russian sentiment being at its peak since the Cold War, dealing with cheating kids all the time is going to lead to some amazing flamewars.

    I’d rather they allow Ukrainians and other CIS players to move here so they don’t have to be slaves of the wannabe tsar when they surf the internet… but anything is permitted if it’s for profit.

    inb4 we get the Z as a decal…

  3. This is a really great news for those players from Ukraine who don’t want to play with fag go rushns and struggle to lvl a new account on EU. I know that fag go bots will try and abuse this – but lets be honest: they will come, they will isht and leave – that’s what they do. Like someone said above – it’s in their nature to be toxic and hostile in-game.

  4. Btw, the level from CIS-server (Ru-server) is higher than EU-server. Much less camping.

  5. closure of WoWP

    Old news to me
    Took me a minute of playing this “game” won’t last. It’s just bad.l and yet tried to compete with WT lololol.

  6. Well, this is bad for gameplay… But must be good for the game… Because not al the russians will change server, and the biggest playerbase will be now EU… WG must start listening to that playerbase now IF they want to keep their company alive… Also talking about Supertesters, is a fact that the EU ones are better. A problem that WG could evade because they were in different servers… but now they cant do the same… This opens the door for big changes in the game, that I really, But I REALLY HOPE, WG will make.

    Small proof of the difference between Supertesters.

  7. Finally it will be possible to leave this shit, away from ruZkies-nazis (the transfer will be for players from Ukraine, this has already been announced for ships, if I’m not mistaken)

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