Supertest: Redshire Map Changes

Redshire Map will be heading to the Supertest and undergo a series of changes. These changes are aimed at improving the gameplay and balancing the sides on the map.

Game mode: Standard Battle
Map size: 1,000×1,000 m

  1. Added the option of a safe retreat from the LT position (D6-7) for the upper base.
    There is a protective terrain in front of the bushes that can be used to roll back if spotted.

  1. The drives to the airship from the upper base and the main firing positions in this direction have been closed.
    The terrain has been reworked in order to make it possible to safely reach the main point of encounter in this direction without losing HP, as well as moving away from firing positions without receiving damage to the sides.
    At the same time, additional positions were added that can be used when retreating.

  1.  Reworked the TD position of the top base in the B9 sector.
    Decreased the number of trees that made it possible to fire at the main point of encounter for heavy tanks (under the airship) without being spotted.

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9 thoughts on “Supertest: Redshire Map Changes

  1. what a complete shit of a rework remove MORE bushes? more HT protection? on a once long ago great fun Map that’s now “unrecognizable from what it once was 5 years ago”

    WG really dont have a clue with what there paying customer/ players actually want do they, clueless Belarussians, all for ‘corridor dumb robot press W gameplay’ killed dead straight back to Garage within 3 mins memes for another Epic 3min game fast as you like, or not as Storm used to say ‘don’t like then go Fu_k yourself’ .. jeez man WG today

  2. So they used the smudge tool a bit and added 1 rock
    …. okay so this has importance but maps like WEITPARK remain unplayable? (if u spawn north

  3. So much for the best TD map in the game. Though this is such a lousy scout map these days it might be a wash.

  4. I will be honest. Last small changes in maps have been quite nice… But this is bad .-. Instead of making the heavy corridor larger, WG could put some houses in the hill between the TD camper place and the Heavy line cross, like the ones in the other side… And also removing trees in the B9 doenst help .-. maybe moving the bushes a bit in front to make easir to move around and also scape for tds.

    The help to the lights… Its meh, should work… but bennefits the already winner side .-.

  5. Hey WG, these changes are absurd, total non-sense, not needed… stop it…
    Another BS is encounter on Mines map…

  6. Yea all you ever do is remove tds shots that is all you ever do wargaming . That simple you just block shooting spots for tds that is all you ever do .

  7. Its true that one side of Red shire got better spoting positions but doing this is just removing any gameplay for TDs this is complete stupid change.
    Just add good spoting position for lights in the other side and that will work better

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