WoT Supertest: Map Changes Murovanka

The map changes are meant to improve the direction of lanes 1 and 2 for playing in heavy tanks, medium tanks, and tank destroyers.

In the current iteration, due to the possibility of controlling all passages in this direction from afar and the lack of cover, it is rather difficult to find spots for heavy and medium tank clashes.

Existing points of contact are also exposed to long-range fire and, as a result, are no longer used as much as they used to be.

Two prototype changes have been prepared:
Prototype A

Prototype B

Prototype A:

  1. Intermediate cover has been added to allow for a safer approach to the direction and can be used as cover when retreating.

  2. The village has been changed so that it can now be used by medium tanks and fast heavy tanks—vehicles with good elevation angles—as a place for firefights.

  3. The central road has been levelled with the positions of the teams so that neither team can benefit from it.

  4. TD positions have been slightly reworked and balanced in terms of firing positions.

Prototype B:

  1. Positions were balanced, and terrain-based gameplay opportunities were added.

  2. The main clash positions of heavy tanks have changed. The ability to play using terrain irregularities has been added, and firing positions from both sides have been balanced.

  3. TD positions have been improved. The bush has been moved, and there are slight changes to the terrain.

5 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Map Changes Murovanka

  1. Berlin the new shitter Map from WG Devs from weekends of vodka binging ~ ungently needs improving its one ugly unplayable bitch of a Map (Its 1 of my 2 banned Maps yet WG still gives this shit Map to me .. stop playing the answer

  2. Wow wargaming you did your only balance you know how and remove bushes all you ever do is remove bush cover and add hulldowns ffs .

  3. so agent orange is once more used to remove bushes, some hull down positions have been added and to prevent steve from getting shot in the flank some buildings have been placed so he can finally focus on a head on slugfest without have to keep an eye on his surroundings

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