WoT: 1.17 Release Patchnotes

Main Changes

Steel Hunter 2022 

Added the new Firnulfir map.

Added three new vehicles, each of which has unique Combat Abilities:

  • Beowulf, a Swedish heavy tank
  • Huragan, a Polish medium tank
  • Bái Láng, a Chinese light tank

By default, all players have access to the Varyag, Raven, and Arlequin vehicles. The rest of the vehicles can be taken for a free test-drive and then rented for Steel Seals, the unique mode currency.

Mode Economy Improvements

  • The amount of resources earned now depends on not only the position in the battle results but also the overall combat performance.
  • The resource gain is now affected by WoT Premium Account, Credit Reserve, Personal and Clan Reserves, and Platoon Bonus.

The zone now shrinks more dynamically. This zone will now close faster, depending on the number of destroyed vehicles.

Loot composition has been changed:

  • Consumables restore HP, contain ammunition and XP to upgrade the vehicle, and ensure (to a certain probability) a charge for the Recovery Ability.
  • Supplies (previously ammunition) repair damaged modules and contain XP (but less than in consumables). There is also a certain probability of getting a charge for the Repair Kit Ability or one of the unique Combat Abilities.
  • Airdrop is the most valuable loot type. It restores HP and repairs damaged modules, and it also contains ammunition, XP, and charges for all four Abilities. Collecting Airdrop takes 7 seconds.
  • Spoils of War includes half of what the destroyed enemy had, but now the time it takes to collect it is 2 seconds.

Platoons are now limited to two players.

Radio Detection upgrades have been reworked. Each of them has distinct pros and cons.

To make the existing vehicles more relevant, balance changes have been made to their technical characteristics

Achievements in the mode can be viewed in the Service Record tab.

A set of unique daily missions is available. By completing them, you can get more resources, such as credits and Steel Seals.

The possibility of driving and getting stuck in the non-playable areas in squares A4, B5, B0, C3, C4, C5, C6, C8, D1, D7, D8, E1, E7, F1, G4, H9, and J6 on the Dreamland map has been removed.

The possibility of driving and getting stuck in the non-playable areas in squares G0, H5, H6, H0, J8, J9, J0, and K9 on the Arzagir 4.04 map has been removed.

Recon Mission

In June, six new maps will be available to explore for 14 days.
The questionnaire has been reworked: The design has been improved, the response speed has been increased, and the questions have been worked out.
The reward progression system has been improved. After the first week of the event, the player’s progress is reset. The progression can be completed again. The map progression will not be reset.

Battle Pass

Added rewards for the new Battle Pass Season.


Decreased new players’ queue time to enter battle.


The Attack Bomber Squadron structure has been replaced with the Logistics Service structure.

The Airstrike Combat Reserve has been replaced with the Inspire Reserve. When activating this Reserve, the player’s crew, as well as all allies’ crews within the effect radius, will receive a bonus to major qualifications and all skills. The effectiveness of the Reserve depends on its level.

Compared to the Common Tests, the duration of the Inspire Reserve has been decreased from 60 seconds to 40.

The Artillery Strike Combat Reserve now causes fixed (and more predictable) damage. The effectiveness of the Combat Reserve depends on its level, as well as on the battle level (VI, VIII, or X). Both teams can see the Combat Reserve effect area.

Compared to the Common Tests, the delay before the Artillery Strike activation has been decreased from 7 seconds to 6.

Both Reserves—Artillery Strike and Inspire—can be taken into battle at the same time.

The damage caused with the Artillery Strike Reserve is displayed in the Battle Results.

The Artillery Strike and Inspire Combat Reserves of level XI and XII have been added to the list of rewards for War Games.

Changes to the technical characteristics of the following vehicles:


The following vehicle has been added for testing by Supertest players: Udarniy.


The following vehicle has been added for testing by Supertest players: TS-54.


The following vehicle has been added for testing by Supertest players: the FV4201 Chieftain Proto

Known Issues

In some cases, the sequence of events in the damage log is distorted.

In some cases, falling trees fall through the terrain.

Upon successful completion of the Alliance-14 mission during the Chimera operation, the failed mission icon is displayed after the battle.

The Battle Results screen is missing an entry about the completion of the last mission in a series.

The voice notification about hitting an enemy vehicle with its subsequent destruction is missing.

In some cases, overturned vehicles receive a penalty for leaving a battle before it ends.

On high graphics settings, when switching to the Sniper mode and zooming in on foliage, the FPS rate decreases.

The icon of ammo rack detonation is repeatedly displayed above vehicles destroyed beyond the draw circle when such vehicles enter the player’s draw circle radius.

When mounting the Experimental Optics equipment, the view range value is rounded down.

When watching replays, there are no engine and track sounds made by the vehicles.

In some cases, the reload time is decreased after healing the injured commander.

When hovering the SPG’s Artillery Aim over an enemy vehicle located beyond the player’s draw circle, and the vehicle is then destroyed, the animation of its ammo rack detonation is displayed.

When using MSAA (standard graphics settings), the green fill is applied to the vehicle models that are behind vegetation or obstacles.

The notifications why no damage was caused are displayed even when the corresponding setting is disabled.

The number of damaged/destroyed enemy vehicles is displayed incorrectly in the Battle Results.

In the Steel Hunter mode, the loot collecting time may not be displayed correctly.

In the Steel Hunter mode, the zone borders and loot may not be displayed when playing on low-end PCs.

In the Steel Hunter mode, the Acid Shell activation timer may not displayed in some cases.

In the Steel Hunter mode, when the light tank’s ammo rack detonates, the tank model is thrown in the air or falls under the terrain.

In the Steel Hunter mode, the Fireball does not attack enemy vehicles if it spawns in front of a destroyed vehicle model.

In the Steel Hunter mode, a vehicle cannot be upgraded with hotkeys in rare cases.

Fixed Issues and Improvements

Fixed the issue of scenarios not being displayed in the Topography mode in some cases.

Fixed issues related to the music in the Bootcamp.

Fixed the issue of the Fireball not attacking stationary targets in the Steel Hunter mode.

In Grand Battles, the conditions of the Personal Missions are now displayed by pressing N.

In the Steel Hunter mode, the display of Combat Abilities’s effect area on two-level objects (e.g., bridges) has been improved.

Fixed the issue of the vehicle model not being displayed in the Field Modification preview menu in the Garage in the Topography mode.

Fixed the issue that caused game client freezes upon frequent use of quick commands in Clan Battles.

Fixed the issue of the reward panel and some sections of the Battle Results not displaying after progressing through several Frontline Tiers.

Fixed the issue of images of some vehicles not displaying in the Platoon window.

Fixed the issue of the Battle Pass Chapter progression screen displaying an incorrect Season end date.

Fixed the issue of the total value of the received XP displaying incorrectly after applying the Manageable bonus.

Fixed the issue of the enemy vehicle outline being displayed incorrectly after destroying an obstacle that covered the vehicle.

Fixed the issue of removed Exterior elements not displaying in the customization element panel.

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    1. The alternate version of the Object 259A with a 122mm gun. Like the Gonzalo is just a Caliban with a 120mm gun instead of a 152mm nuke launcher.

  1. Steel Hunter was, is and always will be shit. Complete waste of time, totally unenjoyable for solo players.

    Also looks like this update has broken more things than it has fixed.

    1. Season one with the machine gun derp and everyone having every ability was the best fun mode ever…only difference was the tanks…

  2. Steel Rigger is a means whereby anyone can cheat and rig wins, but for what? This is stupidest mode they have ever made and damnit, it’s time for it to go bye, bye. How stupid is this development team, well just stick around for Steel Rigger 2022 and see.

  3. Why does steel Hunter get a while month whilst frontline gets only a week per month?!
    Sorry WG but you are utterly incompetent

  4. Remember when in steel rigger you would die the instant your tank touched the ground as it generated into the game?.
    Pepperidge farm remembers…

    Also, in this update, have they updated the campaign and personal missions for the 279(e) etc, since the spg were horribly nerfed and now incompetent at doing actual damage?. And light tanks lose all their spotting to the broken OP god tier russian mediums?.

    Asking for a fiend.

  5. You’ve got to be a useless cnut to play arty and miss every shot and the one hit does 95 HP of damage.
    Equally, you’ve got be a useless cnut of you whine about arty in the game now.

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