Supertest: Minotauro + T-26 CN (Initial Stats)

The Tier X Italian Controcarro 3 Minotauro tank destroyer heads to the Supertest soon.
The Controcarro 3 Minotauro is the top vehicle of the new Italian TD branch. It allows for both mid- and close-range gameplay. Starting from Tier VII, all vehicles will be armed with an autoloading gun, but not quite your regular one. Its function and principle differ from the classic guns you’re familiar with. Let’s look at the example of the Controcarro 3 Minotauro.
The vehicle is armed with a 130 mm gun with a 5-shell autoloader. Loading time between shells takes 8 s, and the magazine reloads in 24 s. The armour penetration of the standard shell is 255 mm, while the special HEAT shell penetrates 345 mm. Damage per shot is 530 HP.

The vehicle is well-protected for its tier. The front hull and turret armour reaches 300 mm. Turret traverse angle is limited to 90 degrees. Durability: 2100 HP. Top forward speed: 36 km/h. Specific power: 12.2 h.p./t.

When looking at the vehicle characteristics for the first time, you might think that the Controcarro 3 Minotauro is a standard tank destroyer and there’s nothing special about it. But that’s not true. Being well-armoured, you can deflect most of your opponents’ shells. Good gun depression angles and a rotating turret allow you to take non-standard positions using the map terrain and other objects to increase your advantage.

Its 130 mm gun with a 5-shell autoloader deserves a special mention. Loading time between shells is 8 s, and the magazine reload time is 24 s, which gives us the chance to win almost any duel.
In most cases, you should play in this TD like a vehicle with a cyclic gun. If you compare this vehicle with Tier X tank destroyers with cyclic guns, the Minotauro will come in third in terms of rate of fire after the Badger and Strv 103B, but those vehicles can’t boast 530 damage per shot. If you compare the Italian tank destroyer with other vehicles in our game by the same characteristics, you can see that the vehicle doesn’t sacrifice a long reload time for the opportunity to cause high damage per shot within short period of time.

Keep in mind that the Minotauro is equipped with an autoloading gun, which gives us the advantage and decreases the cost of a mistake in case we fail to penetrate the enemy’s armour. Its quick magazine reload, just 24 seconds, is also an advantage, allowing us to get back to business quickly, unlike other Tier X tank destroyers like the Foch B and Foch 155 that take 38 and 50 seconds respectively to reload their clips.

Additional Statistics
Dispersion during turret rotation – 0.04
Gun dispersion during hull movement – 0.2
Gun dispersion during hull traverse – 0.1
Dispersion after shot – 8
Shell Velocity – 1303/1256/720
Terrain Resistances – 1.1/1.2/2.3
T-26 CN

The Chinese T-26 CN light tank will soon head to the Supertest. It’s armed with a 45 mm gun.

Damage per shot: 47 HP. Penetration with a standard Armor-Piercing shell: 51 mm, and 88 mm with a special APCR shell. Reload time: 2.3 s. Gun accuracy: 0.46 m. Aiming time: 2.3 s. Engine power: 90 h.p.; specific power: 9.4 h.p./t. Top forward speed: 36 km/h.

The T-26 CN is a classic low-tier light tank with gameplay similar to that of the researchable Soviet T-26.

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15 thoughts on “Supertest: Minotauro + T-26 CN (Initial Stats)

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      1. Most likely you’re a brainwashed european troll after all – completely expectable! In Eurasia, there are no third-world countries, but just forth-world! Those are the european ones, starting with rromania and poland and continuing with the other not so much russophobic states! 😀

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  1. 255mm base penetration? That’s pretty decent. My WZ 111-5a has 250, and I have no problems using that gun. But that HE penetration: 130mm! Plus that insane <24s reload, I’m going to smack filthy Grille 15s and 4005s like there’s no tomorrow.

      1. You are right. For TD standards, 255mm base is atrocious. But given its role as a front line fighter (i.e. I will be fighting alongside other tankers), excellent penetration is not as much of a necessity.

  2. I’m sure dealing with a hulldown Minotauro will be very fun indeed…

    Anyway, these are not tank destroyers. The Tier 5 and 6 are, but these turreted autoloaders are heavy tanks in everything but tank class.

    1. “…these turreted autoloaders are heavy tanks in everything but tank class.”

      I say this is all the better. The Rinoceronte is a severe disappointment for the heavy tank tree. Once the Minotauro comes out, I am welcoming it as my heavy replacement.

  3. I’m glad we are getting more low-tier stuff, but why does it have to be a clone? There are so many tanks that could be added, some of which were even modelled at some point, but they just won’t do it.

    1. There is a twofold problem here I believe; First off, China’s history of tanks is basically non-existent in the time period that tiers 1-4 tend to cover. All they used were imports from USA, GB and USSR up until the end of the war. Simply put, pretty much all remotely plausible low-tier tanks in the Chinese tech tree are already in.

      The other part of the problem is that I believe that the T-26CN will be a gift tank.This would make absolutely perfect sense in that China’s is by far the largest and oldest tech tree to not have even a single gift tank so far, the only other 2 being Italy and Czechoslovaky which are small and much newer tech trees. I believe WG wants to throw a bone to the people who like Chinese tanks as a brief pause from pushing even more German, USA and USSR gift tanks.

  4. Looks like a badger. Turret front will probably defend well to HT’s 340 heat.(Considering the turret angle of the image. maybe have some little weakspot on top of turret?), however, there is not enough penetration to penetrate the turret of HT. This thing doesn’t have burst fire power, so i was predict maybe this tank have nice pen(375+), but i was wrong.

    1. This may be a fair deal, though. My armor is invincible, but if my opponent’s armor is pierced with my gun, it’s an op. For example, E4 is easy to pick up high damage through gold spam, so it seems that wg didn’t want to make an e4 without armor weakness.

      The actual performance is likely to determine by how effective the strange clip system will be in the current heavy line meta.

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