WoT CT 1.17: T-44-122A

Source: WOT Express

T-44-122A (USSR, Tier-7, premium) was added to the third iteration of the Common Test 1.17.

According to the model, this is a complete copy of the T-44-122 premium (a tank exclusive to Supertesters, as a reward). But it has slightly modified performance characteristics.

Difference in characteristics compared to the T-44-122:

Moving Dispersion (Max):  0.18 (9.47) 0.18(8.64)
Aiming time (s): 2.88 2.68
Dispersion at 100m: 0.39 0.36
Engine power (hp): 520 450
Specific power (hp/t): 16.61 14.38
Maximum forward speed (km/h): 52.6 48
Maximum reverse speed (km/h): 20 18

Created in February 1944 on the basis of the T-44 tank. It differed from the base tank in the shape of the hull and turret, engine, armor and armament. The installation of a powerful 122-mm D-25-44T gun caused a number of disadvantages, such as a reduction in ammunition, the difficulty of loading when using a unitary shot. The use of separate loading shots was considered inappropriate due to the low rate of fire, and the tank was rearmed with an 85 mm gun.

Crew 4 people:
Commander (radio operator);
Role in battle: Versatile Medium tank
Special category Equipment: Mobility.


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