[Free Cromwell B DLC] World of Tanks Anniversary on Steam: Enjoy the Celebration!

Time flies indeed… It seems to us that World of Tanks release on Steam has been not so long ago, and yet a full year has already passed, and what an exciting year that was! It was filled with captivating events, new features and important achievements. We are proud of being with you on this wonderful journey and want to thank you for staying with us, playing our game and helping us make it even better for you – our favorite tankers all over the world.

Of course, such an important occasion as our first Anniversary on Steam should be properly celebrated, and we have prepared a vast variety of festivities for you! Are you ready to party?

World of Tanks Anniversary on Steam
May 13, 2022 through May 23, 2022

Let’s dive into the details and find out what’s waiting for you in Steam and in the game!

Get a Free DLC with the Cromwell B!

There can be no birthday party without birthday presents, and usually it’s the happy hero of the occasion who receives the gifts from invited guests. But this time, the tables have turned – we are giving presents away!

Starting from May 13, 2022 at 17:00 UTC our DLC “Lightweight Fighter Pack” will receive a 100% discount on Steam. It means that you can park a swift and perilous Tier VI Premium British medium tank in your Garage
 for free
  • just click on the link below, then click “Add to Cart” and after you log in to the game the Cromwell B will be already waiting for you in the Garage. This special deal ends at 17:00 UTC on May 23, 2022, so don’t miss your chance to grab a Premium tank for free!
World of Tanks — Lightweight Fighter Pack
World of Tanks — Lightweight Fighter Pack
World of Tanks — Lightweight Fighter Pack
Check Out More DLCs on Sale!

Apart from a whopping 100% discount for the Cromwell B, three more DLCs are receiving discounts of up to 90% during the Anniversary. Here’s the full list for you:

Rugged Mountaineer Pack (Tier VIII Soviet Object 274a medium tank) – 40% Off!
World of Tanks — Rugged Mountaineer Pack
World of Tanks — Rugged Mountaineer Pack
World of Tanks — Rugged Mountaineer Pack
Premium Month Pack (30 days of WoT Premium account) – 60% Off!
World of Tanks — Premium Month Pack
World of Tanks — Premium Month Pack
World of Tanks — Premium Month Pack
Blistering Firebrand Pack (Tier II Soviet Tetrarch light tank) – 90% Off!
World of Tanks — Blistering Firebrand Pack
World of Tanks — Blistering Firebrand Pack
World of Tanks — Blistering Firebrand Pack

If you have been waiting for a perfect moment to expand your tank collection and to enjoy all bonuses of WoT Premium account at the same time, this is it!


The DLC sale starts

at 17:00 UTC on May 13, 2022

and lasts

until 17:00 UTC on May 23, 2022


Visit the In-game Store for Unique Deals!

During the celebration, the in-game Store will surprise you with a range of limited time offers. And yes, of course, there is a free one among them! The “Anniversary gift” package is already waiting for you in the “Best” section. It includes WoT Premium account time, and you can get it in a simple click, so go for it right after you finish reading this article!
You will also find a range of packages with uncommon tanks in the in-game Store. And by saying “uncommon” we actually mean “quite rare”: you can expect such vehicles as Škoda T 56, M-IV-Y, Type 59 and E 25. These beasts will be roaming the in-game Store until the end of the event, so use this opportunity to catch some for yourself!
Complete Combat Missions and Earn Anniversary Tokens! In the “MISSIONS” section of your Garage you can find special Anniversary Missions, available until the end of the event (May 23, 2022). There are five missions in total, and they can be completed consecutively (i.e., the second mission will become active only after you complete the first one).

As you complete these missions, you will be rewarded with some in-game resources and special event currency: Anniversary tokens. You can then use Anniversary tokens to purchase different rewards in the Anniversary Shop. Those include Garage Slots, Consumables, Credits, a Universal Manual for your crews, a 2D Style “Flora” and more to choose from. Some rewards can be redeemed only once, while others can be purchased as many times as you want. To find the Anniversary Shop, just go to “DEPOT” section of your Garage, and then choose the tab “Homefront Supplies” on the left.

If you complete all five missions, you can get a total of

30 Anniversary tokens

. Spend them as you wish, but remember: when the event ends on May 23, the Anniversary Shop will be closed, and you will not receive any compensation for those tokens that you didn’t spend.

Keep the Fun Going and Stay Amazing!
The Anniversary event has a lot to offer for everyone: take part in the festive activities and earn useful rewards, explore the special deals in the game and in Steam and congratulate each other in the comments – this is a perfect moment to say some nice words to your fellow players.

And these are the words we want to say: we are truly proud of you, Commanders. Together with you we have reached a great milestone, but this is only the first of many, as we don’t plan on stopping anywhere soon. Instead, we are heading on to the new victories at full steam (pun intended!).

Enjoy the celebration!

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