18 thoughts on “Supertest: 🇮🇹SMV CC-64 VIPERA

    1. Pretty sure that serb has very little to do with wargaming.net anymore, considering him being made unemployed on the spot for a certain thing he posted on social media.

      As for the tank, it kinda looks like a tier 8 autoloading E4.
      And the 8 seconds between shells is pretty 200IQ.
      That’s like… what? 5 shots per minute?

      Oh and btw: dammit, where’s my semovente 75/18 already?

      1. M11/39, 47/32, 75/18, 75/32, 75/34, 75/46, 90/53, 149/40.

        All both great and real vehicles that in all likelihood won’t get added because WG does not care about lower tiers.

    2. Buhhuuu
      Go play wt cryboy
      Arcade game idiot

      Instant repair and no fuel
      Sooon historical accurate

      Who cares
      (Only a) nobody

      1. Lmao you sound like a grade school bully. Did you get dumped IRL and so you vent on social media? 🙂

  1. They just keep churning out tank after tank and nearly all premiums.
    Balancing the game went out of the window years ago.
    Decrepit game now.

  2. Well, the numbers in the catalog are very interesting. It looks similar to the concept of the T110E4 Techtree line(Suitable for short distance skirmishes + Heavy Class Armor) But the Gun’s clip looks weird.

  3. Italian autoloader T110E4 at Tier 8, and tier for tier it looks better than the E4 in Tier 10.

    Wasn’t expecting this at all and if it’s a lootbox tank for the holidays this year I’m willing to splurge, after TS-54 this is the only really interesting premium I’ve seen this year.

  4. I never cared that much about things being “historical” but I do wonder where WG got this puppy. If you squint real hard at the Italian heavies you can see stepping stones to the Ariete MBT.

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