WoWS: The return of Convoy, updating the 3D models of US destroyers, a new map, and other news — Closed test 0.11.5

We’re here to share some news about the upcoming Update.


Convoy made its first appearance in World of Warships during Update 0.10.8 and had a pretty positive reception. Fans of the unique battle type will be glad to know that a second test iteration of Convoy will begin in 0.11.5 with a fresh update to the rules and format.

For the test, battles will be held in a 12 vs 12 format aboard Tier VIII-X ships on the following eight maps: North, Hotspot, Trap, Two Brothers, Tears of the Desert, Haven, Crash Zone Alpha, and Northern Waters.

Depending on the map, there can be either two or three simultaneous convoys on separate routes, which can either lead to the same destination or different ones. This addition will help diversify the gameplay experience for both attacking and escorting teams, as well as encourage new dynamic tactics. So as to not make the task too daunting for the attackers — as well as for the sake of performance — the number of ships in each convoy has been reduced.

The interface and tactical tips in battle have also been updated, together with the description of the battle type in the selection window in the Port. As with the previous iteration, you will be able to earn special themed achievements.

Ru UI screenshots only


US Destroyer Models Update

Update 0.11.5 will see the start of a two-month process of updating the 3D models of some American destroyers:

  • Mahan, Benson, Fletcher, and Gearing will be updated in 0.11.5
  • Sampson, Wickes, Clemson, Nicholas, Farragut, and Sims will follow in 0.11.6

These changes will minimally affect the aiming angles of both torpedo tubes and main battery guns, the composition of AA batteries, and the distribution of HP throughout different parts of the ships. Despite these small changes, the playstyle of the ships will not change.

Faroe Islands

As previously announced here on the Dev Blog, a new map called Faroe — the design for which was voted on by players in the autumn of 2021 — will be added to the live server in Update 0.11.5. Players can expect to wage battle between smooth snow-peppered mountains and steep cliffs.

The map is designed to host battles for Tier VII-X ships and Superships, and will be available in Domination mode with three or four key areas.


2 Brawls await in Update 0.11.5. Both will be held in a 1 vs 1 “duel” format — aboard Tier IX ships in the first Brawl and Tier X in the second.

Changes to Rental Commanders

  • Rental Commanders can no longer be transferred to different ships and retrained for them. The Change Commander tab will therefore no longer display rental Commanders that are specialized for other ships.
  • Each ship will only be able to have one rental Commander — the one with the most skills and skill points. All other rental Commanders trained for this ship will be removed from your account.

4th of July Celebration

At the beginning of July, World of Warships will celebrate US Independence Day with festive discounts as well as themed combat missions, for the completion of which you can earn the “4th of July” patch, as well as the new Lady Liberty commander with a unique voiceover.

Also in honor of Independence Day, we’ve added the “1776” permanent camouflage for San Diego and the “US Independence Day” achievement to the game.

Other Content

Added the “Siren” and “Hurricane. Siren” achievements for the upcoming 18th season of Clan Battles.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing.

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    1. hahah laughable.
      Its just floating artillery. Oddly enough ppl whine about it in wot but “love” it in wows. pff

      Also the game does not have physics.
      Get your 500k ton ship… drive it 5mph in a circle. Now do that again at 50mph.
      Does the circle get any bigger or smaller doing so?

      There is literally no centrifugal force in this stinking game.
      Once the rudder is set… thats it.

      You do not play boats that drift and sway and whatnot.
      You play REMOTE CARS you have to steer with a fixed moveset.

      Wot was like that before physics were introduced.
      tanks stood at 60° hills without ever slipping off… and acted just like that when driving.
      100% predictable results every time.

      They dont run on the latest but one of the EARLIERST versions ofthe BIGWORLD-ENGINE
      … because if they put it on CORE ENGINE suddenly, you know, physics happen and thats bad.

      WG Players dont like change.

      1. *ps. also wargayming thinks all their players are freaking morons.

        Having controls requiering SKILL is baaaaaaad.
        Just like showing the players (important) hidden stats.
        thats why sites like and others MUST exist.

        Fans need to inform fans. WG does not like to educate the stupid or they could make informed choices (like knowing when a new prem tank will crawl uphill sowly, before they buy it

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