Bonus Battle Pass Chapter Reminder

An additional, limited-time Chapter will be launched. For completing it, a new Tier VIII Premium vehicle will be rewarded.

Possible list of vehicles from which one will be selected:

Explanation of the Limited Time Chapter:

  • There will be an additional Chapter that will be active for a limited time. The main reward is a Tier VIII Premium tank.
  • The requirements for completing the Bonus Chapter are the same as for the main Chapters – collecting Battle Pass points. You earn points the same way – at the end of the battle and by completing daily missions.
  • Battle Pass Points earned before cannot be transferred into the Bonus Chapter’s progression.

Tip: Earning points in the Season’s core vehicles(T110E4, Leopard 1, Kranvagn) are easier – they offer both increased earnings and increased limits.

15 thoughts on “Bonus Battle Pass Chapter Reminder

  1. a previous Marathon Reward Tank

    Nope, they said already, that this will be new vehicle, so in theory should be one of the list above.

    1. Either the leak is wrong, or they changed something at the last second. If it’s the latter, that’s a really poor move since less people will be interested in grinding or paying to get the top prize.

      Anyway, I hope the event starts soon. I’m following a wallet closed policy until I know what tank they’re adding with the bonus chapter.

  2. so it this chapter for everyone? no matter the progress on the 3 regular chapters? or is it only for money deal?

  3. One will be chosen from….
    BY THE PLAYER??? or randomlyyy?

    Not that clear wording here

  4. Boring, playing even one game is a pain in this gold ammo cheatfest

    At least we have Warships which so much better

  5. WG go and fuck yourself with your Jina and russia trash tanks that people are sick off.Pack you shit and fuck off to putin’s russia!SlavaUkraini!

  6. Well, I don’t think it’ll be the TS-54 since it isn’t in the game files yet (afaik).
    Or at least, not on

    So out of the others, I think I’d prefer the WZ-113-II.

  7. how much playing time does it take for an average Joe to get to such a new premium tonk for free? has anyone tried and can share their experience? I’d love to find a reason to play again, but the gold-spammery and godawful non-teamplay are making it hard to suffer through this.

    1. I grinded the AMX alt proto from start to finish for free. I played 3 hours on average, mostly tier 7 premiums so I don’t suffer much. Although, it is totally possible to get the tank for free but I high not recommend it. I suggest you just play for 2 hours a day in tanks you like and by the end of the event, you buy it on a discount. If everything went smoothly, you should be setting on a 70% discount at least, which is not bad; this is for the old marathons, I don’t know how this new one will play out but the same advice I gave should apply. Don’t buy the tank on day one! IT IS A DUMB MOVE!

  8. I remember when I did the marathon for the FV4202, I liked that tank when it was a tier X so I wanted it as premium tier 8. The missions and conditions where hell, I am wondering how I did not get a stroke at that time.
    Now some of the bonus daily missions are beyond frustrating, like needing to do 800 base xp or kill 4 tanks in a battle, especially since WG is actively screwing you with “armor not hit” and “armor not penetrated”.

    1. Maybe learn which tank you are shooting at? They have different armor setups. Armor not hit sounds like you hit spaced armor or tracks and it went straight through and out without actually hitting the main armor. Armor not penetrated is obvious though.

  9. Can someone actually remind me where WG said it’d be a new tier 8 premium?
    Since I can’t find it in any of the articles (haven’t checked any of the videos).

    1. Ok, nvm, someone on the forum mentioned that it was hidden in one of the common test 1.16.1 patch notes.

  10. I was just looking through some of this stuff here k2 wz 113 11 the new czech td are in the game not yet added the obj 259a or the ts 54 yet but i can only speculate that the k2 and the czech td they had bonus codes for the wz 113 11

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