6 thoughts on “WoT: CT 1.16.1 K-2 Changed Stats

  1. This tank looks like a battle pass compensation tank(silhouette prediction). Armor is impressive, but the rest is Tech tree tanks level.

    1. Yes, I think it would be this one too, this nerf prove it. Btw the silhouette is IS6 and its just illustrating picture if you look at the turret you see that it’s IS

    2. but the rest is Tech tree tanks level

      As premium tanks should be, but by now that’s just a memory of something that was lost and will never come back.

      That said, even with these nerfs the K-2 doesn’t lose its main asset which is the ridiculous armor for its tier, and yes it could very well be the tank awarded for the “fourth” Battle Pass chapter.

    3. Maybe this one or the Obj 259 will be the battle pass.
      Actually is worst than a lot of Tech tree tanks level. IS-3 got descent accuracy for a tier 8 soviet heavy. Premiums ones got the worst accuracy and stupid armor like the 252

  2. This thing needs it’s premium ammo removed, lol I don’t want to deal with the armor, the only place to get through is above the gun

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