11 thoughts on “ASTRON Rex 105 mm Available on EU

  1. What on earth is going on lately? Feels like a going out of business sale with WG offering all of it’s most sought after tanks in the past few weeks.

    1. they need to make money, beecause they’ve just quited russia
      if they think EU will give money because of that they are wrong
      WG needs to implement new things into random
      we need balancing department back on track and keep nerf and buff on constant update
      because of this and many other RNG’s related i will no longer invest my money in them even tho i have alot of premium, i will not buy anything from them anymore till they fix up their godam game

      1. Premium ammo spamming is the new cancer, after arty and wheeled vehicles. I am surprised when I am actually shot with regular ammo now.

        So I get what you are saying.

    2. Yeah, basically. Wasn’t the double shooter sold like a week ago as well? Having to cut off ties with the Russian playerbase might have hurt them more financially than they initially thought. Sad, really.

  2. Tank is wank with 190mm pen lmao!
    No camo and has a TKS on top so enemies can snipe you from the next game lol

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