A couple of “tricks” from the current RTS mode

• You can get a penalty at the end of the battle for the fact that the bot drowned another bot.
* Initially, this happened purely by accident due to the stupidity of the bots. An allied bot has pushed another.
• You can get an account ban for a day for the fact that the bot was given a blue color for teamkill.
• If you have a blue nickname, then the enemy can see which tank you personally control.

7 thoughts on “A couple of “tricks” from the current RTS mode

  1. #bruh
    how is this a thing? it seems the didnt do the idiot proof quality check (and with idiot im talking about the bots or myself)

  2. Is anybody playing this mode? To me it certainly looks like overcomplicated crap with 0 reward.

    1. I personally liked the mode, but i may be baised since i really like RTSs, also is a great credit farm if you dont have premium

  3. It’s easy.
    You either go all together on big push or just suicide all tanks drown.
    Doesn’t matter as you get points and credit too win or loose

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