WoWS: Account Transfer to Another Region

Source: EU Support

We have implemented the ability to transfer game accounts to a different region. Now, players who have moved to a country in another region or have initially registered and played on a server outside of their region can change the server and continue to enjoy the game.

To transfer your account, fill in a Player Support application, then provide proof of your actual location in another region and identification data.

Such a transfer is a complicated technical operation with a number of limitations. Only World of Warships game accounts can be transferred. You can view all the account transfer specifics below.

Important specifics:

  • You can transfer only Wargaming Accounts that use the Game Center for authorization and are not permanently blocked. Transferring accounts from Steam, Microsoft Store, and EGS is possible only if the accounts are linked to a ID. After the transfer is completed, the account will no longer be linked to the platform, and you will only be able to play via the Game Center.
  • The exchange rate of the national currency to the U.S. dollar may vary depending on the region.
  • World of Warships will cease to be available on your old account after the transfer.
  • All other games will remain available on your old account. You will not be able to transfer them to another region.
  • You can cancel the transfer operation within 7 days. If you decide to cancel it, any XP earned on the new account will not be transferred to the old one.
  • All further transfers (including returning to the old account) are possible only after 1 year.
  • To transfer your account, select a server and create a new account on it.

Creating a new account:

What will be transferred:

  • Ships with researched and purchased modules (including researchable, rented, special, and Premium ships)
  • XP earned playing standard ships, as well as XP earned on Elite ships (the latter can be converted into Free XP)
  • Statistics and achievements
  • Remaining days of Premium Account at the time of transfer
  • Commanders with the available number of skill points and XP
  • Upgrades (including special and unique ones)
  • Signal flags, expendable and permanent camouflages, styles, and skins
  • Commemorative flags
  • Emblems, patches, and backgrounds
  • In-game currency (Credits, Doubloons, Free XP, Elite Commander XP, Steel, Coal, Research Points, and temporary resources)
  • Community Tokens, Ranked/Clan Tokens, and Tokens for various events
  • Containers
  • Collections

What will not be transferred:

  • Username
  • Contacts (information about channels, friends, and Blacklist)
  • Clan and your position in the Clan
  • Progress in daily missions, as well as uncompleted missions and directives
  • Referral program (Recruiter and Shipmates from the Recruiting Station)
  • Premium Account subscription
  • Linked services (Twitch, Amazon, etc.)
  • Content limited to a certain region
  • Coupons in the Armory and Premium Shop
  • Information from the Account Management page (date of the first battle, date of birth, phone number, connected payment methods)

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