Art of Strategy: Event Guide

Greetings, Commanders!

From April 21 through May 4, World of Tanks will host the new Art of Strategy event. Get ready for intense clashes on familiar maps and familiar vehicles…but with new tactical opportunities! Smash through four consecutive Progression Stages and complete daily missions to earn high-value rewards!

Art of Strategy

April 21, 2022, at 13:00 CEST through May 4, 2022, at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Prime Times

APRIL 21 — MAY 4
EU SERVERS: 13:00–23:00 CEST (UTC+2)

How to Start Playing

Click the special 3D object to enter the main screen of the Art of Strategy event.

Set Up Your Strategy!

Art of Strategy is an event that features many brand-new and unique mechanics for World of Tanks. During the event, to make the gameplay experience more enjoyable for both Tankers and Strategists, some balance changes and tweaks may be made, including significant ones.

Art of Strategy battles take place in two formats for Tier X vehicles only.

  • 1v7 format. Seven Tankers fight against one Strategist who commands seven AI-controlled vehicles in real time. For combat, the Strategist also selects three (out of six) types of defenses.
  • 1v1 format. In this duel, two Strategists will fight for supremacy. Both players start on an equal footing with seven AI-controlled vehicles each. Before battle, both Strategists can deploy three types of defenses to pre-arranged positions.
From April 21 through 24, only 1v1 battles will be available in the event. Use this time to learn the specifics of playing as a Strategist and to master the variety of available tools. Try different squad compositions, choose various defenses, and use a variety of tactics. This will help you oppose the Tankers more effectively in the 1v7 format once it is unlocked.

To play as a Strategist, you will first need to prove yourself as a Tanker and earn a certain amount of in-game currency: Intel and Orders. They are credited depending on the result of battles within the event and are distributed among the players on the Tanker team.

To play as a Strategist against the Tankers in the 1v7 format, you need 100 Intel. To fight against another Strategist in the 1v1 format, 100 Orders are required.
If the queue time to enter battle is too long, or if the number of Strategists is insufficient, the matchmaker may allow you to play as a Strategist, even if you do not have the required quantity of Intel and Orders.

General Rules

  • The Strategist has a squad of seven AI-controlled Tier X vehicles under their command. They can fight without directly controlling each vehicle, but if they do not set Stances or issue the appropriate commands (e.g., attack, withdraw, capture the base, etc.), they will not be victorious. The Strategist also sets routes for their vehicles, watching the battlefield from a bird’s-eye view and moving freely over the map.
  • Additionally, the Strategist has auxiliary defenses at their disposal. These cannot be controlled directly. Their positions are fixed, and they act as independent combat units.
  • During the countdown before battle (60 seconds), the Strategist should deploy their vehicles and defenses at the pre-arranged key positions on the map or use the auto-deploy function. If you run out of time for deployment, the system will deploy the remaining units automatically.
  • At any time, the Strategist can assume control of any vehicle in their squad and command it individually.
  • In each battle, the Tanker team and the Strategist will earn credits, depending on the battle outcome and their personal performance:

1v7 Format

  • Tanker
  • Strategist
1 150,000 125,000
2 120,000 100,000
3 110,000 90,000
4 100,000 60,000
5 60,000 40,000
6 50,000 30,000
7 40,000 20,000

1v1 Format

  • Strategist
April 21 – April 24

85,000 0
April 25 – event end
40,000 10,000
  • Battle duration: 15 minutes
  • Battles will be fought on the following maps:


In the 1v7 format

  • Airfield
  • Ghost Town
  • Siegfried Line
  • Mannerheim Line
  • Abbey
  • Cliff
  • Steppes

In the 1v1 format

  • Airfield
  • Ghost Town
  • Siegfried Line
  • Paris
  • Mines
  • Cliff
  • Steppes

Objectives of the Teams

Each team in the Art of Strategy event has the same objective: destroy all enemy vehicles or capture the base.

The base capture time is 60 seconds for both the Tankers and the Strategist, regardless of the number of vehicles participating in the capture.

If neither team completes its objective within the allotted time, the battle ends in a draw.

Playing as a Tanker

Playing as a Tanker should feel familiar to you as it is similar to what you are used to in Random Battles.

During the countdown before battle, the Tankers can decide on their tactics and distribute the roles in the squad, taking into account the vehicles they have selected. Act as a team—this is the key to success. Breaking the defense of the Strategist and repelling their counterattacks alone will be extremely difficult.

Always be aware of the defenses that the Strategist has at their disposal. Concealed Watchtowers will warn the Strategist of your approach. At the same time, FlamethrowersMRLs (Multiple Rocket Launchers), and other defenses can repel even the most rapid attack and provide support if the Strategist starts an offensive.

Depending on the battle results, the Tankers will receive Intel and Orders—in-game currencies that are distributed among all commanders. The better your performance and the more base experience you earn, the more Intel and Orders you will receive.

Playing as a Strategist: Stances and Commands

When playing as a Strategist, you will have a squad of seven vehicles at your disposal. Each of them is a full-fledged AI-controlled combat unit. Watching the battle from a strategic view and assessing the combat situation, you can set routes and one of three Stances for the vehicles. Stances are certain patterns of behavior on the battlefield that the vehicles follow when under AI control:

You can set Stances for vehicles not only in battle but also before it starts (both on the Squad Panel and during the countdown).

In addition to setting Stances, the Strategist can give commands to attack, withdraw, defend the base, etc. There are seven commands in total. Here’s how the vehicles respond to them:

In battle, each vehicle from the Strategist’s squad will be marked with a special commander icon and a sequence number. You can quickly switch between them by using the corresponding number keys. You can also command several vehicles at once by adding them to groups.

Manual Control of Vehicles by the Strategist

Are you ready to finish the enemy off and ensure a spectacular victory? Or maybe the situation on the battlefield is becoming critical and it is necessary to repel an attack by the Tankers at all costs? Assume control of any vehicle in your squad and command it individually. This way, you can show your skills and turn the tide of battle at the right time.

To assume control of a vehicle, select it and press Q. Please note that assuming control of a vehicle stops all orders given to that vehicle. Press Q again to stop controlling the vehicle.


The Strategist has defenses at their disposal. They will automatically assist the Strategist in battle. The Strategist cannot give commands to defenses but can deploy them to key positions on the map during the countdown before battle. Each defense has its own range and parameters.

An accurate, stealthy, and rapid-firing gun. Highly effective at long range against targets with moderate armor. However, it cannot withstand a hit.
An armored flamethrower. Causes significant fire damage to targets at close range and destroys their modules. Ignores armor.
A gun turret from the cruiser Algérie. Causes huge damage from long range, but can be easily spotted and has a low view range.
An armored structure with a machine gun. Causes a huge amount of burst damage to targets with light armor at close and medium range.
A multiple rocket launcher that fires salvos at enemies. Effective at causing damage to groups of vehicles from extremely long range.
Features excellent view range and concealment. Helps spot enemy vehicles that are approaching key positions.

Preparing Squads

Vehicles for the Strategist’s squad are selected in the event Garage. Click the squad composition button and fill all seven slots with Tier X vehicles. You will be able to select any researchable and collectible Tier X vehicles that exist in the game, with the following exceptions:

All vehicles selected by the Strategist will have equipment, consumables, and a crew trained to 100%, regardless of the availability and condition of such vehicles in the player’s Garage.

Slots for the Strategist’s vehicles have restrictions on the vehicle type. Additionally, you cannot have two identical vehicles in a squad. Experiment and choose a squad composition that best suits your playstyle. This will allow you to fend off the Tankers more effectively and increase your chances of victory. The Strategist can also select defenses on the Squad Panel.

Once the squad is ready, click the “Battle!” button to start the battle.

To enter battle, the Tankers need to select a Tier X vehicle in their Garage. It should be repaired and have a full crew and ammo loaded. The Tankers cannot join battle in a wheeled vehicle or in vehicles earned for activities on the Global Map and for Personal Missions.

Build the Event Collection and Get Rewards!

The Art of Strategy progression consists of four consecutive Stages and involves assembling the event Collection with different customization elements. To fill the progression meter and complete the Stages, you need to fulfill special missions in the event.

Each day, you will have access to two daily missions for both the Strategist and the Tankers. For completing two missions for the Strategist, you will receive two random Collection items. The same goes for completing two missions for the Tankers. Every customization item is unique—each one will drop just once. They include stylesmedalsinscriptionsdecalsbadges, and five unique and fully trained crew members with Brothers in Arms as a zero perk, plus enough experience to learn an additional perk of your choice.

Bronze Cast
Bronze Cast

Tactical Genius


Maneuvers Master

Art of Strategy will feature additional daily missions for both the Strategist and the Tankers. These missions will reward you with credits upon completion.


Leaderboards of the Event

There are three leaderboards within the Art of Strategy event: two leaderboards for playing as a Strategist (1v1 and 1v7 formats), and one leaderboard for playing as a Tanker. To get placed on the leaderboard, you must fight a certain number of battles in the corresponding mode.

The position on the leaderboard will depend on the number of points earned for victories, defeats, and draws. Only the top 1,000 players will get a place on the leaderboard. To get onto it, you need to play at least 5 battles. Players who end up at the top of the respective leaderboards will be awarded unique badges and decals.

“Master Duelist” Decal

“Cunning Strategist” Decal

“Best of the Best” Decal

“Ace Strategist” badge

“Premier League” badge

“Maneuvers Come First” badge

Good luck, Commanders! Choose your side in this showdown, assemble the event’s Collection, and get your hands on nice rewards!

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