Shatterline: WGs New FPS Game

Shatterline from Wargaming will be released in the second half of 2022 on Steam.

Shatterline leaks from Twitter

The developers themselves announced this in their Discord this week. Prior to this, all tests and development was completely stopped due to events in the homeland of the Frag Lab developer studio. Now everything has resumed, but at a less intense pace.

“Our team has been very affected by events in the world, but we have a plan to move forward. This is different from the plan we had just a few weeks ago and the community here on Discord is involved.

We plan to release Shatterline on Steam in Early Access in the 3rd or 4th quarter of this year. For Early Access to be successful, we need to fine-tune combat balance, weapon development, significantly improve matchmaking, complete Steam integration, finalize the in-game store, and finalize the Battle Pass. We cannot do all this work alone.

Team Shatterline.”

Also, build updates for Shatterline in Steam continue to be released in closed mode. By the way, it is not yet known whether the game will be available on Steam at all for players from Russia. The developer/publisher can supply a technical block.

Most likely, then the developers will release the shooter on Consoles (XBOX One S/X and XBOX Series S/X).

(What is the game Shatterline?)
(Shatterline is a first-person 8v8 multiplayer title featuring classic multiplayer gamemodes such as Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Free for All and is intended to release on the PC and current generation consoles.)

10 thoughts on “Shatterline: WGs New FPS Game

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    If you want our hacks/cheats join the clan [_3LUE] or contact me personally. My name is CaII_me_Kuba with 2 capital i letters, not 2 lowercase l letters.

  2. Well i played the beta and so far is just a bad extreme generic cs clone …… not worth to dump time on the game ….. unless they make some nice changes.

  3. “Man I can’t wait for the market to have yet another hero arena shooter released.”-Legitimately absolutely nobody at all anywhere.

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