Mark World of Tanks’ Anniversary With Mega Discounts

Get in the mood to commemorate WoT’s 11th year on the EU server with amazing offers.


Available from April 8 at 07:00 CEST through April 12 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)

  • x5 XP for the first win of the day

  • Discounted rate for converting XP to Free XP
    (1gold = 40free exp)

  • 50% credits discount on consumables

  • 50% credits discount on equipment

  • 50% gold discount on Garage slots

  • 50% gold discount on customizations

  • 50% gold discount on Tier V Premium vehicles

  • 30% gold discount on Tier VI–VII Premium vehicles

  • 15% gold discount on Tier VIII Premium vehicles

  • 50% credits discount on Tier IV–V regular vehicles*

  • 30% credits discount on Tier VI–VII regular vehicles*

  • 15% credits discount on Tier VIII–X regular vehicles*

*Does not include Czechoslovakian heavy tanks or American Yoh tanks.

3 thoughts on “Mark World of Tanks’ Anniversary With Mega Discounts

    1. Yeah. Fuck sales. Nobody asked for these. How dare they undermine our spending abilities.

  1. Fucked again by their shitty server update. Won victories at 2x bonus and then they updated the interface to 5x bonus. But not for the tanks that won BEFORE the server update.

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