Update 1.16.1: Patchnotes


Main Changes

Art of Strategy

For the Strategist (1v1) format, the number of Defenses of certain types that can be deployed in battle has been reduced.

  • AT Gun: up to 2 items
  • Flamethrower: up to 1 item
  • MG Turret: up to 1 item

For the Strategist (1v1) format, battles on the Ghost Town and Steppes maps have been disabled.

For the Strategist (1v7) format, battles on the Steppes map have been disabled.

The game event will be available during the Common Test starting April 2, 09:00 (MSK).

Changes to the Map Roster for New Players

If at least one new player (recently registered) participates in a Tier V or VI battle, the battle will take place on one of the following 14 maps: Karelia, Lakeville, Mannerheim Line, Malinovka, Mountain Pass, Sand River, Province, Prokhorovka, Ruinberg, Steppes, Widepark, Cliff, El Halluf, or Ensk.

Fixed Issues and Improvements

Some images on the Game Guide slides have been improved.

Fixed the issue of only one reward screen being displayed instead of several reward screens in Battle Pass. Players could only learn about the other screens from the Notification Center.

Fixed the issue of notifications about destroyed vehicles being displayed on the minimap for some players.

Fixed some localization issues.

Fixed some interface and technical issues.

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