6 thoughts on “Supertest: FV4201 Chieftain Proto Ingame Pictures

  1. NA CC Cody Menz noted that this machine could well be part of a regular branch of tanks; the longer it’s tested and tweaked the more likely this is the case.

    1. they don’t reveal “samples” for new branches before announcing the new branch

      the interesting thing is the fact it is modelled after the P6 prototype, that is the one with supposedly a bit more hull armor that have been asking for years to come as a new Tier 10 heavy tank for the British tech tree

  2. new ranked reward…it is still tier IX…not VIII..not X…but IX

    or…tier IX juicy buffed exp marathon..since it directly generates money

  3. This will ruin T9 if it goes in as is.. It better not be some reward tank for the best of the best players…

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