WoT NA: Monthly Rundown: April 2022

Possibly it’s going to be the same for EU.


April Weekend Special Missions & Events:

  • Apr. 1–4: Weekend Challenge
  • Apr. 8–12: Happy Birthday, World of Tanks!
  • Apr. 11–18: Anniversary Special Discounts & Missions
  • Apr. 15–18: Eggstravaganza ▲
  • Apr. 22–25: Crew is Crucial
  • Apr. 29–May 2: XP Fever

Jan. 26–May 26 (ongoing): Referral Program
Mar. 1–May 29 (ongoing): Battle Pass

[NA only]
– April 11–22: WG Events Cup 2022
– April Month-long Events:

  • Apr. 1–30: WoT Salute Mission. Earn Consumables by completing our month-long special daily mission for WoT Salute members. ▲
  • Apr. 1–30: Weekly Watcher Drops. Watch official World of Tanks streams on our Twitch Channel in exchange for free items added to your game account. The more consecutive weeks you watch, the more bonuses you earn for upkeeping your streak!

– Showdown Saturday
– WoT’s Next

6 thoughts on “WoT NA: Monthly Rundown: April 2022

    1. They already announced upcoming changes in top of the tree….lest top of the tree AMX was announced with a delay cos they were not able to roll out new changes…so it seems they will announce with a delay again 😉

      1. As stated above. The EU doesn’t get your shitty NA incentives to play on the microscopic NA server.
        Microscopic like your dick 😂

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