14 thoughts on “WoT Console: Hidden Village

  1. Can Paris, Berlin and the other trash maps get the boot so we can get Swamp, Hidden Village, South Coast and the other good maps back on PC too? 🙁

    1. This!
      I don’t know, why people and/or WG hated those old maps, but I have mostly good memories from the past about these maps. At least they were somehow unique.
      But what WG is doing – making from somewhat okayish Erlenberg worse Erlenberg, and from bad Berlin even worse Berlin.

      1. The older maps (and the new ones when they were actually decent, see pre-nerf Berlin) allowed for more dynamic gameplay and rewarded skill, flanking, spotting and good positioning, something a lot of players still fail at. Frontline is about the only place where such things can still be found (mostly the Normandy map).

        Compare to now where pretty much all the maps are two/three corridors with no real room for plays more complex than frontal engagements, plus a no mans land that is a death zone.

        I understand WG has to attract casual players who give no shits about learning the game, but the way we are going we might as well remove all maps except one city, one summer and one winter (that all play the same) just to have some weather variety…

    1. It has an even worse engine… Despair engine
      FEAR 3 uses this engine aswell which is a 2011 game… WoT Console looked better with the old Bigworld compared to this.

      1. bruh, even worse…. they should just kill WoT console an port the PC version (could even make crossplay). If it can run at ultra 40fps on a GTX1050 it can surely run at 30fps on last gen consoles. Additionally we on PC could have even more content with the added manpower

  2. So many good older fun & balanced Maps removed / deleted by Wargame ~ for ‘reasons’ ??

    Replaced with complete Shit Maps like – Paris – Berlin and etc and etc with Heavy Tank Maps, press W key for easy comfortable brainless play ……….. and rest of players in Mediums Lights and TD can go and fuck & cry themselves in the corner

    in the 7 years iv been playing only the HD Maps update to HD is only single thing that’s improved in WOT .. rest is old stale and boring

  3. We still got the bad version of Berlin, still mines in high tiers, a lot of cancer maps, and they still remove minsk and kharkov because of the war.
    Then we got pearl river that is not a good map and neither the people know how to play it.
    And Empire Border map is terrible.
    As far as i remember Hidden Village was a bad map. But we play worse ones.

  4. Console WOT lol
    Is that even still a thing?!
    They got fcked over on the last major patch. Shire graphics and changes

  5. Why are people nostalgic for Hidden Village all of a sudden?

    Back in the days people shat on it constantly for being a shitty corridor map. Half of the map occupied by a giant mountain. Below the mountain we have generic.heavy.brawling.area #49.
    On the other flank there is an awkward village full of destructable buildings. No flanking, no dynamics.
    People called “good riddence” when they finally removed it.

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