WoT NA/SA: Updated Rules and Violations Policy 2022

Please note that it only applies for the NA and SA servers.

Wargaming is committed to providing all players with a positive gaming experience and a key part of that is how we handle our rules and what happens when they are violated. Our goal is to make our games a clean and safe environment where players of all ages can have fun. Below you’ll find the outline of our new policy—rule policies aren’t the most exciting reading material, but we think you’ll find this valuable.

The new policy goes into effect March 23 07:00 PT | 09:00 CT | 10:00 ET.
We’re revealing it now so everyone is aware of these changes in advance. As we roll out the updates to our pollicy, we’ll wipe the slate clean for every Wargaming customer with an active account. Any prior in-game sanctions, chat violations, or forum warnings will no longer count against you.

Please Note: Permanent bans are not eligible for a “clean slate”—accounts previously banned under our current rules and violations policy will remain so.

Under Our New Policy

  • All players not currently permabanned start fresh under the new system; old strikes are forgiven.
  • Strikes are replaced by an internal system called “relapses.” Each time a player relapses and commits another violation, additional ban time is added.
  • Relapse points do not expire and will continue to count up resulting in longer bans.
  • See the following table for an explanation of the different types of violations and their ban times:

To learn further details about physics abuse and what actions it consists of, please refer to our knowledgebase article.

13 thoughts on “WoT NA/SA: Updated Rules and Violations Policy 2022

  1. 2 big insults in a QUARTER?
    so wait… you can call someone a Meany poo face TWICE and get permanent ban
    but you can teamkill and whatnot like a boss SEVEN TIMES before a ban … hm okay

    there is a ignore button for chat
    but there is no ignore button for teamkilling

    makes sense

  2. Didn’t they implement a “new” system and wipe all past transgressions once or twice before?

    Also, I didn’t realize that the 90% of NA players (bots) had insult features. Pretty soon bots will be voting!

  3. WG doesn’t realize we decide it’s fate on EU/NA servers.On RU WG is done for,business wise.We the players should treat WG like we treat Belarus,because they act all the same with their rules,policies and shameless predatory shams.

  4. From all the changes they come up with this shit , lmao, just your daily dose of commie censorship in times of war. And don’t come with that bullshit that WG donated 1mil$ to ukraine and all that shit, they did that to cover their communist asses else people would have devoured them and they would’ve went bankrupt.

    1. So wg entered Ukraine and committed war crimes?
      Just like a Russian Grandma selling vegetables at a corner is responsible too?

      Most idiotic statement

      Putin is responsible.
      Not people that happen to have the same nationality by accident.

  5. FUCKING Weak retards on the internet, if you cant stand internet people and some “insults” from unknown not real persons on the internet then maybe SEEK LIFE ELSEWHERE!!!!

  6. As usual, WG comes with the stupid option, the main reason for those actions are from WG creating an explosive atmosphere even before the game starts.

    1 unbalanced MM tiers, when you play and end up 50% of your time bottom tiers -1 and -2, 30% of the time unique or middle and only a pathetic 20% (based on 122TM played 70 times) top tiers +1 or +2 unsurprisingly you tend to be upset.

    2 useless team mates Vs unifying platoons, again when the apes you play with are 46% WR while the opponent is composed of platoons of Hesh or Invil… How to say

    3 shitty starting positions where the lights are on the middle of rear of the situation and are bumped into whole they need to get to the best position ASAP. That tells you how little WG cares about is players.
    Even an half wit moron would understand that positioning is important. It should be
    Lights first (or sides)
    Mediums seconds
    TDs on flanks and heavies in the middle
    At at the rear (and no more than 2)

    4 cheated RNG dites that one even need to be explained how poor it is?

    5 moral grinding modes with XVM, seriously aside from having you tilt before even the game starts, good players don’t need XVM to spot or guess a good player from an idiot

    And the list could go on for ever.

    So testing these types of shitty rules is meaningless of you don’t fix the core problem.
    10 years ago players would wish everyone good luck and polish would call a “Siema” nowadays insults start first and often rightly so

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