Supertest: πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ TS-54

A new American Heavy, the TS-54, is coming to the Supertest server

Additional Stats:
Dispersion during turret rotation – 0,06
Gun dispersion during hull movement – 0,12
Gun dispersion during hull traverse – 0,12
Dispersion after shot – 4
Shell Velocity – 878/1098/878
Terrain Resistances – 1.4/1.7/3.4

22 thoughts on “Supertest: πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ TS-54

  1. I guess this is aimed at that small set of players who have their Russian tanks parked for the duration of the current conflict but who really like the double-barrel mechanic…otherwise, why!?

    1. Same as with Bourrasque and Object 703-II, the aim time and accuracy are trash but the gun handling is very good, which let the guns work.

  2. Yep, exactly what wot needs now, more premium tanks. Bunch of retards at the lead of this company

  3. Another Tank Boring to play with and agains it.
    Tornvagn V2
    You cant penn it even with premm rounds, he cant penn you even with premm rounds, funn gameplay.

  4. Bruh, .44 dispersion and 3.5 sec aim time. At least it’s not OP. Time spent developing these fake tanks should have been put on fixing the entire game instead.

    1. it is American, those only become OP by mistake, they usually balance those to the lower spectrum of what a “average for the tier tank is supposed to be

    1. Everything but the turret front and upper plate (the latter when angled) is a weakspot. This tank seems to be the same as the Bisonte – very strong when hulldown, paper everywhere else.

  5. So, Thanks to the 6 second gun lock after double firing, The 703-II beats this guy in double firing DPM.
    (I will be using base values of both vehicles, as that is the only data I have from the TS-54.)
    If the TS-54 and the 703-II sit there and double fire their DPM is:
    TS-54 = 1292.3
    703-II = 1462.5 (+170.2)

    If the TS-54 and the 703-II sit there and single fire their DPM is:
    TS-54 = 1976.5 (+104.5)
    703-II = 1872

    Double fire alpha damage of both vehicles is:
    TS-54 = 560
    703-II = 780 (+220)

    TS-54 has 8 gun depression vs 703-II’s 5 degrees (-3),
    TS-54 has 200 standard AP pen vs 703-II’s 221 APCR pen (-21) at 100m, but only (-10) at 500m.
    TS-54 has 1400 health vs 703-II’s 1500 health (-100),
    TS-54 has 35 kph top speed vs 703-II’s 38 kph top speed (-100),
    TS-54 has 380 view range vs 703-II’s 350 view range (+30),
    TS-54 has 11,200 pot. damage vs 703-II’s 15,600 pot. damage (-4,400),
    TS-54 has 30/deg hull trav. vs 703-II’s 26/deg hull trav. (+15.4%),
    TS-54 has 33/deg turret trav. vs 703-II’s 20/deg turret trav. (+65%!),
    TS-54 has 305mm turret armor on paper vs 703-II’s 220mm (+85mm),

    I wish they would reduce the TS-54 gun lock down to 3s and have the gun prep down to 2.5s.
    The numbers would look like this:
    If the TS-54 and the 703-II sit there and double fire their DPM is:
    TS-54 = 1493.3 (+30.8)
    703-II = 1462.5

    I hope the TS-54 hull armor isn’t stupid, unless there is a cupola.

    I’ve been waiting for another double barrel, they are my favorite to play, that’s why I analyzed the premium double barrels. Lol

  6. so lemme get this straight…. it’s the 90mm from the T69 but with a bit more alpha, pen and somehow the same gunstats and worse lockout time after salvo fire then the 703v2 that mounts 2x 122mm…… WG logic again

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